Invest in yourself

What’s your goals? Mine? Are Set! #texasspearfishingtournament #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #dmr #spearfishingtipsandtricks “always have a float plan”! Tell someone where you’ll be hunting when it comes to going offshore! #epirbsaveslives @surfman374 #saltysoulspearfishing #saltysoulspearfishingteam the #panga the #lancha is a beautiful boat for running offshore! Trust me fuel efficiency is epic in these very capable boats! They are narrow so they are perfect for cutting that #GOM chop! I miss the #SaltySoulPanga BIGTIME! Rumor has it she’s for sale… would love another one! Never did anything with mine but #spearfish and go #biggamehunting they are perfect for beach launches shallow water and choppy seas… which are very common in #SouthTexas BTW #biggamehunting #biggamefishing hunt and provide yeah that’s what I still believe in! #tripledigithunter that’s what happens when ya loose 130lbs do a shitload of push-ups and walk 10-14miles for the last 4 years lmfao 🤣 well about 6months ago I started doing push-ups! After Cervical fusion, 3 lumbar fusions, bilateral shoulder rebuilds right knee and both wrists I would say intermittent fasting worked for me! I drink so much water I have to wear a drug patch test and get blood work done lmfao true story! I take 4 pretexts a month well 3-4 I know people don’t always tell the truth but honestly I’m sober! Been sober still sober 4 years ño prescribed drugs, two years no alcohol almost 3 ño cannabis 1 year no hemp! FACT! Trust me the VA was doing my blood work since 2019! I served america as the 374th Surfman in the USCG had 100’s of 1000’s of rescues! Got award lots of cool stuff #afrasgoldmedal #chesterrbenderaward achievements commendations LOCS you make it we got it! The whiteHouse gave me my gold medal! In the end it was hurricane Harvey that shut me down saved like 1300 people that week it was hell! But hey I never gave up! I’m thankful I’m alive! DMR I ain’t perfect mental health is real spiritual health unbelievable

Trust me it’s worth it! Surfman374 DMR

“Gotta start ‘em young 🤣.”

  • Dave Ramsey

daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #theramseyshow #debtisdumb #cashisking #dmr #surfman374 #livelaughlove #spiritualgrowth #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #tripledigithunter keep it 💯 I lost 130Lbs 🤙🫶🧜‍♂️🛟🇺🇸🤔🏴‍☠️🧜‍♀️🏖️😘🤠🎶💙🥇🖤💛🤍💚❤️ never Give Up #DateYourWife not mine lmfao I’m single BTW wish I wasn’t but it’s been a year of no woman for me! Heck been 1-3 yrs no kids either kinda silent in my neck of the woods… I do miss my kids and know what love it! I love GOD, ME My Family My Friends “who are still with me”! Let never, never stop you! Yes YOU CAN say I will instead of I will not can not can’t do a damn thing but try always can! #dmramsey motivation is my way GOD is my Energy “Good Order Discipline”! BTW


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