It’s illegal DUH!

I got good dna , blood, and sperm because my kids are beautiful… I wonder if I only have 3 lmfao 😂 what would you do if you found out ya had more kids lmfao 🤣 Lord that’s funny! Blood suckers these days soul suckers are worse you ain’t taken my VIBE!

Someone owes me BIGTIME LMFAO 🤪 what would have you if I married a woman that wasn’t faithful would I have to pay child support? Don’t be cheating I win when I play #CLUE everytime BTW ask my second wife lmfao what if he was her pimp and not her father lmfao “who’s your daddy” I’m that baby’s daddy…. Hahahaha

Wait can I get DNAs tests for my kids? Asking for a friend hahahahaha #DADLife

hackers #TROLLS and #CATFISH don’t be trying to date me online! I don’t fall for fake accounts witches these days be dirty GOD send me an Angel next would ya breeders be looking for good genes 🧬 big Bucks make bigger BUCKS 💰 trust me I bet my magics worth a lot lmfao 😂 #dmr I’ve been single a year it’s fun! NOT! Don’t be unfaithful it sucks when we find out! CHEATING Never Pays pimps get busted prostitution is illegal and sex slaves and human trafficking just say’n! ILLEGAL

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