Angel Poetry

Look into your #heart return to innocence #livelaughlove #harmony #forgiveness #spiritualgrowth ISREAL #dmr ask your #angels to fight your #demons trust #GOD #InGODWeTrust #OneNationUnderGOD #WeThePeople #Surfman374 #legionofboom #legionoflove love is the answer #lovethyneighbor #loveyourself #LoveEachOther faithful gratitude grace Hope trust power strength wisdom healing helping making whole again unity #UnitedStatesOfAmerica world peace because there will always be Order and chaos! The world owes us nothing! We owe the world everything this is our planet we should love our planet and each other more! Trust me in order to break it down you must be willing to loose it all! Have Faith and wake up again! Never give up! Silence is golden! Because for some reason most people don’t wanna see you succeed! Trust me! I lost it all but feel closer to my god and spirit more now than ever! I have faith! I trust the universe #universallawsoflife to should apply them it’s epic! @surfman374 #spearfishingtipsandtricks one up one down! Look out for your dive buddy no fish is worth death! The fellowship is real healing offshore!

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