2017 Results

2017 Official Rank & Weight

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Youngest Diver

E. Dehart


S. Allison – 21lbs

Women Freedive

B. Hale – 34.0625lbs

A. Hughart – 29.4375lbs

S. Twyeffort – 5lbs

B. Watkins – 4.10lbs

Youth Freedive

N. Bertagna – 93.25lbs

P. Hanna – 81.9375lbs

StateWaters Freedive

D. Stroud – 26.981lbs

Jetty/Bay Freedive

D. Thurman – 34.4375lbs

J. Keever – 21.6875lbs

M. Garcilazo – 13.1875lbs

A. Jeffries – 10.3lbs

M. Stall – 7.4lbs

Offshore Freedive

J. King – 127.875lbs

T. Powers – 123.75lbs

M. Bertagna – 105lbs

S. Cromwell – 81.625lbs

L. Sturgis – 60.3125lbs

W. Powers – 49.625lbs

T. Hale – 38.13lbs

R. Watkins – 34.375lbs

S. Kelly – 32.375lbs

D. Bullock – 19.11lbs

K. Alston – 16.2lbs

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