I’m just not that mad at them anymore 💙🏴‍☠️🧜‍♂️☠️🦾🏝 #tripledigithunter #saltysoulspearfishingteam #saltysoulsquad #saltysoul #surfman374 #spearfishingtalk Spearfishing Talk #spearfishingtipsandtricks

Be ready to go for a donkey ride Amberjack are powerful!

This onetime offshore I was a dumbass and didn’t UNclip my “buddy” at the time he got me into gator-Gripp then took it and started making his own rack. So I should have let the fish have the Gun! But what happened next was insanely fun! Next thing I know a Kieth’s like shoot that one no I say! Shoot that one nope! That one! NOPE Kieth’s giving hand signals to shoot! Because we are 140’ underwater! I’m like NAH that one! MobyDic ‘s lil brother was coming up from Dave’s Jones locker!

In my blind BUCK FEVER i forgot to unclip the gun!

Next thing I know I spinning feeling warm and very intoxicated 🥴

Then BAM! Damn fish turns into a corner junction and out of it ripping off the shaft and slamming me into the rig LEG! When next I know I’m having a yard sale is stuff around me so I’m grabbing things getting air going then realized I’m out of air! My depth gauge was blurring I think it said 290’ who knows…. having gathered my gear and realized what just happened I thought I’m done fore if I don’t get to Kieth and I’m out of air! Here goes nothing swim fucker! Swim your Fucken ass off! So that I did and damn passed our in Kieth’s arms at 140’ with his backup in my mouth …

End of story! I’m alive! Then did 6 days in and out of Decompression chamber.

Funny story Not!

Then a few years later got taken down again because it tied me up like a spiderweb! Inflated BC we both went up! Not as fast as my bubbles but after that fucker pulled my air out my mouth twice I said fuck this up we go ! Dave’s Jones Not Today My Friend!

It’s real Y’all! So is Blackout. 2X I have and samba!

Yes I am certified in Freediving yes I hunted Giants! That’s fish over 100lbs

Yea I have shot AJ’s , Cobia, and Wahoo over 💯 and Cubera over 50 seen a few 100 built a 108lbers head and
TripleTail over 40

End of the day know your limits be ready to die!

SaltySoulSkiff @dmramsey #amberjack #rigdonkey

They will Make or Break You

L – O – V – E


Love is a double edge sword you need it just as much as you should give it

IMO a the ultimate sword fight not literally with real swords but truly a daily battle to give and take equally to show and tell to hold and enjoy the time away. Love is the ultimate task master.

Love will destroy the mighty and unite them as well. It will make the weak walk, and the silent talk. Love is the ultimate story.

“love so do what you love, and they will love you for who you really are. Never ever change unless you desire more or less.”

Isn’t it funny how those who “love you the most #family often hurt you the worse…

And your friends up becoming the real brothers and sisters you trust in life. That’s because family and loved ones often also have something to say that you might not be ready to hear…

So do your best to send and receive do your best to fill your cup, bucket, pool, or ocean with balanced love one filled with give and take, & equally shared excitement #surfman374

This one time


That big guy had to go! Just say’n hello 2021 and a even more sober me sorry I stress sorry I’m human sorry I make mistakes but proud to share I’m healing I’m happy I care about those around me I love ALL MY FAMILY and Am Very ThankFul for My Lord and Savior In God I trust and Life we live… this is what 200lbs looks like way better than that big ol boy in the first pic…

It was never easy, I basically discovered what fasting was , and how much water and walking I could do. Sprinkle in some core work out and just doing my best to live more free of stress. It’s not easy it was rudder probably for those around me. But a sober mind free of opioids and synthetic chemicals is a better mind.

I’m thankful for my family and friends truly … as much as this is a public apology it’s also a public ThankYou to all my WIFE’s friends and family. As I am in texas and rely heavily on the support I get here.. every day gets better if ya let it! I’m a loud ass Italian but an honest one! Yeah I have a temper like a bear but I’m as loyal as a wolf to his pack.

Thank You Veterans Relief Group and Uncle Kyle for your time spent with me… love you Niccole Ramsey life gets real but it’s worth it when ya heal 💙⚓️🧜‍♂️❗️#surfman374 #vrg #unclekye #veteransreliefgroup @kyegordonmusic @veteransreliefgroup @artlopezdesign

It’s what we do with what we have