What would make me happy lmfao

“For this to be over with”… I already lost a life time of homes investments money dogs boats and families 🤙

David M Ramsey USCG Retired BMC 98-18

I’m not counting but if I was lmfao 🤣

“For this to be over with”… I already lost a life time of homes boats and families 🤙

Trust me I can’t wait to leave Welcome To Corpus Christi lmfao 🤣 “where ya get divorced twice loose your kids and get arrested lmfao 😂 all because I was trying to protect a #Brand #TradeMark and #Patent trust me it was NOT worth it! A legacy ain’t shit without a family to enjoy it with. #love is only real when they love you btw… #inrealifedontwatchthis #oldestdragonintexas #fuckhatersdrinkcoffeeorteaorwater #isthenorthpolemoving #TexasHempChef #HempGuideToHealthyEating #covidmadeus #fuckhatersdrinkcoffee #makingwavesacademy #surfman374 so much for dreams Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk Salty Soul Taxidermy Spearfishing Talk trust me Gator-Gripp Rack System can kiss my ass lmfao and so can #fakefamily #fakefriends ♓️♋️♏️🏴‍☠️🧘‍♂️🧐❤️🧢🤔🆔🥰😎😛👍🏻⚽️🤤🌮🇺🇸☕️👽ℹ salmon🎶😉🤪🤙🌵🫶🤣😂🏁 what’s the point of #parentalrights when you never get to see them? What’s the point of #marriedlife when they divorce ya? What’s the point of #FamilyTime when you serve this nation 20 years and they leave ya…. Sad story but true, I love and respect my kids and my kids moms but as a man who lost 3 families let me tell ya, it is more painful than loosing a brand trademark and patent. Learned to walk again twice lost 80lbs the first time 135lbs since 2018 got sober thanks to #CBD now it’s been a year of nothing… ain’t had a drink in over 2.5years and zero pills since 2019. Pain tells me I’m alive that’s for damn sure lmfao but loneliness Sucks 🫶 writing has definitely been helpful posting definitely a good release walking doing push-ups and swimming is the only freedom I have. But hey #NeverGiveUp even when the light at the end doesn’t seem on. It is what it is I guess. Funny 30,000 lives is what our team rescued in the 20 years I served 1300+ during hurricane Harvey and hear I stand alone as fuck cry daily and honestly more humble than ever. Guess it takes loosing it all to tell the world in the end it’s a wife and kids that make me happier 👍🏻🌵🏁#team #writing #respect

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