Just a thought

I’m not counting but if I was lmfao 🤣

““For this to be over with”… I already lost a life time of love, a wife, homes, boats, money, legacy, and families 🤙 “”

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“persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” 🫶

I choose forgiveness live laugh love because that will not let it trap me. 🤙🏁



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Trust me I can’t wait to leave Welcome To Corpus Christi lmfao 🤣 “where ya get divorced twice loose your kids and get arrested lmfao 😂 all because I was trying to protect a #Brand #TradeMark and #Patent trust me it was NOT worth it! A legacy ain’t shit without a family to enjoy it with. #love is only real when they love you btw… #inrealifedontwatchthis #oldestdragonintexas #fuckhatersdrinkcoffeeorteaorwater #isthenorthpolemoving #TexasHempChef #HempGuideToHealthyEating #covidmadeus #fuckhatersdrinkcoffee #makingwavesacademy #surfman374 so much for dreams Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk Salty Soul Taxidermy Spearfishing Talk trust me Gator-Gripp Rack System can kiss my ass lmfao and so can #fakefamily #fakefriends ♓️♋️♏️🏴‍☠️🧘‍♂️🧐❤️🧢🤔🆔🥰😎😛👍🏻⚽️🤤🌮🇺🇸☕️👽ℹ salmon🎶😉🤪🤙🌵🫶🤣😂🏁 what’s the point of #parentalrights when you never get to see them? What’s the point of #marriedlife when they divorce ya? What’s the point of #FamilyTime when you serve this nation 20 years and they leave ya…. Sad story but true, I love and respect my kids and my kids moms but as a man who lost 3 families let me tell ya, it is more painful than loosing a brand trademark and patent. Learned to walk again twice lost 80lbs the first time 135lbs since 2018 got sober thanks to #CBD now it’s been a year of nothing… ain’t had a drink in over 2.5years and zero pills since 2019. Pain tells me I’m alive that’s for damn sure lmfao but loneliness Sucks 🫶 writing has definitely been helpful posting definitely a good release walking doing push-ups and swimming is the only freedom I have. But hey #NeverGiveUp even when the light at the end doesn’t seem on. It is what it is I guess. Funny 30,000 lives is what our team rescued in the 20 years I served 1300+ during hurricane Harvey and hear I stand alone as fuck cry daily and honestly more humble than ever. Guess it takes loosing it all to tell the world in the end it’s a wife and kids that make me happier 👍🏻🌵🏁 PS True story

(Most people who read this probably never know what it’s like to loose it all)!

But knowing the GODS keep tabs on our good deeds definitely should count for something one day. A True GOD is loved by his Goddess a Goddess whom protects her man, a Man whom protects his Queen and they brand legacy trademark Patent called #FAMILY #familytime #familybusiness #familyowned #familyfun isn’t life about live live laugh? Sure it ain’t easy but even my mom would curse the day I was born lmfao 😂 sorry mom love ya but then again it’s why I don’t talk to you or my dad I forgive y’all definitely appreciate the good times but trust me it’s not me that needs to fix that problem lmfao it’s y’all! Being the most sober one in the family lmfao I can’t stand fake family! Not because I’m sober because it’s true family then who you think are your friends fuck ya first … no one should ever have to go through what I have no one should ever see the death destruction we did to lay in bed at night alone is toxic trust me facing your demons the devil the spiritual battles the physical suffering the mental war the darkness alone that’s hell a hell I had to overcome am I thankful I Did? Sure I am but I would love to snuggle and celebrate who I am know with the woman who knows and loves me best not a woman who thinks it’s a competition not a narcissist not a thief not a liar not a cheater not a verbal abuser or soul sucker not someone who cares about friends more than family but a life partner who appreciates me for who I am the storms I survived the legacy I created the love I am. That’s the woman I want in my life. A woman who looks at me and says that’s my man! To me this is nothing more than my opinion what I would tell my daughters and what I would tell who they married I would say stand by them they need you fight for them with them beside them it’s worth it family should never turn away shut the door of kick ya out. Neither should friends if more people leaned into eachother no matter what happened it would be overcome . Positive vibes with loving intentions is why I created everything I have online

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