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Super Hero

True Warriors a Women


I think I’d like to fly 
In an invisible plane, 
With a long red cape covering 
A skimpy outfit (a motif of red white and blue), 
Wearing shiny reflective bracelets 
To reflect bullets and death rays 
And venomous words. 
And wielding a rope of extraordinary strength.

I think I’d like to fly 
Down upon some unsuspecting villains, 
Spin around three times 
And shock them with my wit and charm, 
Not to mention my earth shattering high kick.

I’ll have unsurpassing balance 
And a heart mixed of steel and gold. 
I’ll walk along a 12th story ledge 
To save the damsel in distress. 
All while I battle evil men and helicopters.

I won’t worry about a relationship. 
Who has time for being social when your occupation is 
Saving the world?

And somehow, year after year, 
I’ll win (cuz I’m the good guy) 
And they’ll lose (cuz they’re not).

And through it all I’ll never tire, 
Never take a vacation. 
And my makeup will be perfect 
And I’ll never break a nail 
And you’ll never break my heart 
Cuz I’ll have too many things to do. 
Perhaps I’ll never have met you.

I think I’d like to fly
Through the air with amazing speed.
Strong yet feminine,
Wondrous and a woman.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sometimes abbreviated to TMNT, is an American media franchise created by the comic book artists Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. It follows Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael, four anthropomorphic turtle brothers trained in ninjutsu who fight evil in New York City. To me #womenshistorymonth should include the worlds most epic #women like @monsterjam @myranda_cozad Do you have any nicknames?
What’s your favorite movie?
The Fast and Furious series
What’s your favorite television show?
The Walking Dead
What’s your favorite color?
Sky blue
What’s your favorite thing to eat?
How would your friend and family describe you?
They would describe me as big hearted, sarcastic, #genuine, #loyal, #dedicated and #passionate about what I #love. Key points here after doing what I have for 44yrs it’s about living your best life! Doing what you want! Inspired inspiring enjoying living laughing loving Who in Monster Jam do you look up to for inspiration?
Madusa was a huge inspiration to from day one for me. She’s a great advocate for women and has paved the way for us here in Monster Jam. She’s an all-around great person and #rolemodel I’m thankful for powerful women I served with them and love my daughters #GODBLESSWOMEN specially the bad ass ones who never give up on doing what they love! #monster #monstertrucks #ninjaturtles if there was one woman who deserves a shoutout it’s definitely this one! So yes to me women like @mayrafloresforcongress rock @valentinethomas kickass @relentlessangler inspire @hannahbarron96 crushing them #catfish I could go on and on why I find these women awesome straight up! To me they are #superwomen with #superpowers #badasswomenchallenge world needs more badass women Vs #golddiggers and #cheaters #liars and #thieves lmfao 😂 I’m ruthless I don’t care! Imo @mayor_paulette_guajardo is also a bad ass! Because she’s our mayor why do I show so much love because I served 20 yrs in the @uscg as #surfman374 #chief #fleo #hurricanerescue #surfrescue also built @rigsreefclassicspearfishing so thanks to @riffe_international women divers #SpearfishingTalk #inspiration #like #media #television

Superhero Female

If your power was invisibility, would you perv in the shower.
Curiosity’s not a crime, but a low vibrational use of time. 
I’ve watched us put you on top, I’ve denied my own power. 
You dominate, we take and smile. 
You treat animals kinder. 
My confidence you took, my sense of purpose was weakened.
But I lie here now and I’m fierce and determined. 

To fight for you, my fellow women. 
To be honest and true  and ask the question? 
Being a woman is not always about being a mother. 
I’m a warrior sent to ensure we look after each other. 
Look around you, we need to stand together.
Our power is sacred, only we can save one another. 

Not a mother you say, you judge me that way.
I’m  a daughter of a woman who was powerfully brave. 
The sense of urgency, this is an emergency.
Stand and fight now.
Or we die for eternity. 

Women are dying.
We  decide to be vegetarian.
Society clever in separation, full of expectations
We feel the unrest, apathy sickens our stomach. 
Standing on the fence is no longer an option.
Indecision has killed us.
Our only hope is combined courage.

They die only because they are women.
They die in shame.
The cage has been opened but we are too afraid. 
Freedom an illusion created to placate and clip our wings. 
Our indecision, amnesia, but we feel everything. 
If we all stand together.
We can strengthen each other. 
Parity and equality is all we  ask from you brother. 

No more stoning, no more shaming.
We deserve to be here.
We are losing a battle
Misogyny rising, the bully will win creating unseen fear. 

We stand together finally and say fuck you, my dear. 
We stand together, division is over, our light shines so clear. 

If you can’t fight for you.
Fight for everything you hold true.
If we don’t stand for every woman now.
Hang our heads, we deserve everything they told us to. 

The battle has only started but I feel ashamed. 
For standing by, watching other countries killing  women like game.
We are the mothers, those responsible for teaching our children.
Helplessness and powerlessness were part of my education.

I hold my head in shame, I know I share the blame. 
But its so far away, the colour and culture is unfamiliar. I’m afraid. 
No, your souls are connected and pain comes in many ways. 
I’m writing this poem to prioritise my life.
Maybe the  start of something to save women’s lives. 

It’s easy if we agree, we absolve ourself from all responsibility. 
We hold the world accountable for its despicable deeds. 
No matter what happens, we hold the line. 
We show our sisters they are one of a kind. 

How do we do this, I’m a practical person.
Do we get political, take up office and stand in their circle.
The truth is that this hasn’t worked.
They have become better at faking their intentions to us.

Our only saving Grace is to stand together.
Release the lion, the goddess, the creature of power.
We have each others backs, we enjoy growing older.
Support the woman beside you, she a true warrior

Superheroes inspire us all,
superheroes make us marvel.
Superheroes are adored
from Beijing to Washington D.C.

But superheroes don’t wear capes,
they wear a ’96 Olympic shirt
and loose-fitting pants
you would never catch me in.

They don’t have x-ray vision,
they’ve worn glasses
for as long as you remember.
They cannot fly,
and yet they seem larger than life.

They never seem to lie,
and they still say “I love you”
in the exact same way
almost sixty years after they bound it to eternity.

They don’t have super-strength,
but they are your super strength
and they lift you up
until you can do it on your own.

They seem invincible,
but life has a way of reminding you
that even Superman has Kryptonite.

They are stubbornly steady
even when the bill of health
isn’t clean.
Just as they are your strength,
you feel your aching mortality
when you find out
even superheroes get cancer.

Yet somehow,
after their greatest battle is fought,
there they are in all that remains
spreading an unyielding light
upon whoever sees them soaring by.

We wear an “S”, a bat,
or even a spider
to pretend that we are our heroes
and emulate their image;
but I won’t wear that old shirt,
or those terrible, worn-in jeans.
I’ll harness that unbreakable spirit,
and maybe one day
I’ll be a superhero too.
I love you you ladies #womenshistorymonth

battle #fight #cancer #strength #grandpa #weakness #jeans #superhero #invincible #superman #superwomen #spearfishingtalk to me it’s about balance your only as good as those around you! So if you choose a life partner make sure they #respectyou #supportyou #understandyou and are your #bestfriend because as you grow old you will learn #LoveIsWar but #friendshipisforever #poetryofahero #daddydaughternotes #dadscliffnotes #cliffnotes remember boys and girls real men and women do what it takes! Fakes ones lie cheat and steal! Then try and cover it up!


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