Let it flow SpearfishingTalk

For me it’s about #breathofthewild it’s about #freediving into living it’s about investing into my now it’s about #rigsreefclassicspearfishing it’s about sharing caring living laughing love it’s about the connections the deeper the dive the shallower the hunt the fresher the better the simpler the more tasty from #ceviche to #poke #smokedfish to #fishdip #fishtacos to #fishfried #blackenedfish #sushi #sashimi #traveling enjoying new sunrises blue water green water warm waters cold waters #poetryofahero the journey the endless possibilities destinations the escape from the city living free trusting in the unlimited wholeness within healing humble values when your more whole nothing else is ever missing the energy of the waves the warm of our sun the ebb the flow the waves the currents. Taking only what you need sharing what’s extra and being around the best enjoying the best. #tripledigithunter what is will always be what becomes is already becoming 🏁🏝️😊 #thankful #gratitude future in the now flow with the universe not swim against her #meditation #mental #physical #spiritual #relational #compassrose #alphatheta the space beyond the infinite filling my vessel our vessel this vessel with nothing but the best your never lost when you find your light to become pure consciousness in an endless field with total control of the subconscious the potential in the quantum is a matter of fine tuning and enjoying the #vibrationalmatch broadcasting mentally rehearsed elements emotionally surrounding to a greater and letting go blessed be my mind body soul and future the divine in me the new me the now synchronized synchronization synchronicity the energy light music food fun feeling flowing knowing going up one up one Down to me is me is was will be ⚓️

spearfishingtalk in harmony 🏝️⚓️🇺🇸☠️🤍❤️🇮🇹😊💯🤙🙏🏾🌎💚👍🏻🥁🇲🇽🏴‍☠️💙💀🖤😎🎁⬆️😍🔁🎣🏁 the divine connect

Very slow waves, called delta waves (which occur at a few oscillations per second or less) occur when you are in deep sleep. Faster waves called #alpha #waves (around 10 per second), are associated with #relaxation, #daydreaming and #creativity. #spiritualgrowth #spiritualawakening #energy #higherbrainliving #pinealgland Creativity often means taking the #roadlesstraveled. Embrace elements emotionally spiritually physically mentally relational the neural mechanism that enables us to come up with unexpected associations and original ideas. “Highly creative people have ‘unique brain connectivity,”! Change the frequency change the energy the more energy the less “matter” trust me this ain’t a rabbit hole it’s an awesome discovery in which pain sadness fear isn’t a wall anxiety depression insomnia ptsd all better manageable because the inner change had to be done! To im enjoy the outworks I had to crush the old me! To become me #poetryofahero #surfman374 #tripledigithunter you must constantly grow! NeverGiveUp There are four main types of brain waves: #alpha, #beta, #delta, and #theta. Each one is associated with a different state of mind. It’s amazing what you can do through #breathhold and #meditation #spearfishingtalk discover unlocking unlimited greater intention greater outcome activation of the #DNA I don’t call it #JunkDNA #useitorlooseit I call it stuff waiting to be activated like #bodyfat it’s all inside you is waiting to be engaged awakened knock on your genetic door discover the mind body soul light sound relaxing 😎 grateful gratitude faithful hope #dmr sit stand lay down or walk it works deep breathing diving into your soul


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