If it fits, It Gripp’s!

I know what I created an American Dream




What’s sad is when “they” take it all from ya! #CoOwnerLife it’s not wrong to want my share my #profits what I should get considering from 2014-Present Date I’m a CoOwner and Chief Marketing Officer.


Surfman374 #DMR #GGHD #gatorgrippplugkit #gatorgrippswag

Gator-Gripp Rack System if I’m 1/3 owed I should get 1/3 profits or Royalty where’s the Loyalty these days… who got the money to have them Built? ME #Inventor #Creator #Brand #Legacy #USPatent #Trademark all I want is what’s mine and I’m out of the PullSetGrip program lmfao #integrity matters! And as much as I wish the “other” owners the best, I would rather be friends than CoOwners with them! True Story BTW! I believe in Love, Friendship, Forgiveness… after serving 20 years saving 100’s of 1000’s of lives learning to walk again twice loosing 130lbs you would think they would pay me what I’m owed coast Guard Heroes are Real! #DMRamsey I just wanna spearfish and do my own thing it cost me everything trying to grow this product! Heck I even got divorced because I got told via text I’m a silent partner what kinda shit is that! Is that how ya treat the man who put it on swap people? Still can’t believe I lost my work email y’all removed me from website and ya had all my social media shutdown sad when my dream is to hunt for provide for a family spread love and leave a legacy heck I worked so hard not just for me but y’all! Who’s y’all? The other owners …. Let me tell ya nothing worse than being bribed, extorted, and getting death threats from your fellow CoOwners! That’s fucked up! Y’all owe my exwifes family $30,000 plus interest and you owe me for my CoOwner ship I took this no name product from nothing to something! “Top 5 Product at ATA Show!” true story… and they wonder why I got so upset! Because Americas heroes deserve better than this! I want what’s owed! I deserve it! I earned it!

#ifitfitsitgripps DMR #AfrasGoldMedal #ChesterRBenderAward you see I speak truth! Because I just want what I earned! #love #marketing #socialmedia #work #learning #share #people #money #email


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