Mindfulness is KEY

Show love ❤️ for your city what you believe in! Kindness is KEY 🔑 will set you free don’t fall it’s not worth it! #dmr when you do get back up! #NeverGiveUp #Surfman374 no matter what it costs ya! Be about it, Talk About IT! #DadLife @surfman374 @rigsreefclassicspearfishing #spearfishingtipsandtricks living in harmony with everyone everywhere everything everyday! That’s #Magic btw #positivevibes never let negativity destroy your dreams! Balancing Order & Chaos no matter what you lost! What comes around goes around LIFE



The Oompa Loompas come from Roald Dahl’s 1964 children’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and appear in the book’s 1971 and 2005 movie adaptions. They are a diminutive people with peculiar hairstyles who work in Willy Wonka’s fanciful chocolate factory. #TheWho #TheWhat #TheWhere #TheWhen #TheWhy #TheNow #TheHow starts with BlackCoffee and coconut Milk from @heb I drink like 60oztofreedom lmfao no joke and 60oz of #LemonWaterWhitePeonyTea for breakfast so before 8am I slam like 120oz of fluid, then I pretty much eat clean for dinner. #FieldGuideToFitness and walk 10-15miles and do 150-200pushups daily honestly sometimes I can’t move! After #bilateralshouldersurgery #bilateralwristsurgery #cervicalfusion 3 #lumbarfusionsurgery ‘s #kneesurgery trust me doing this the #soberlife way has its GoodDays and BadDays throw in #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #PTSD and it’s like a daily walk with #theshadowsbetweenus but I live in spirituality meaning #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth because my #mindfulness is awareness my #bodypositivity technique is to not let negativity control my day. vibration light sound isn’t it amazing how one song can either make ya laugh or make ya cry… so why not apply as needed. Same thing with darkness and light when it’s bright ya feel better when it’s dark you should rest recover relax enjoy the peacefulness #dmr #DadLife @rigsreefclassicspearfishing @surfman374 shoutout to my favorite #femaleartist and her son Jonah would love to meet them one day because I think if any woman grinds #MomLife it’s her she rocks! @caitlynnecurtis_ welcome to Texas BTW GoodMorning World I’m alive again! Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself then others! Amen

‼️ I always get asked how old I am lmfao 😂 44 as of December living salty and fasting keeps me beautiful 😍 and spiritual I’m straight single and love my kids and sober #dmr yep I like the ladies ain’t nothing wrong with loving ladies even girls love ladies so why can’t the boys? #lovewhatyoudo and who you do! 🫶❤️‼️ #love #like and don’t leave ‘em single life sucks lmfao so does child support hahahahA specially when ya never get your kids or see them lmfao 😂 love my kids

Spiritual Life is the GoodLife

“If you are wise” you’re gonna go up in life, happiness is not greediness!!! #DMR @rigsreefclassicspearfishing @surfman374 @instagram #spearfishingtipsandtricks don’t eat to much lmfao 😂 it takes forever to loose it 130lbs down! #OneUpOneDown walking 10-15mi doing 150-200 pushups eating meat salad and drinking water daily when my body lets me! I live in spirit I believe have faith and am grateful for my soul… I would never give up my ship! My vessel my mind is set my body is following the lighthouse of my soul #SeaStories real story! True story NeverGiveUp love family forevermore #spearfishing can’t wait to do it again! One more year of training and I’m gonna go beast on them fishes…. #Surfman374 retired @uscg 98-18 #AfrasGoldMedal #chesterrbenderaward #AltusTendo #Chief #Hotel153 would I do it again? YEP! But I would stay single! Child support sucks when ya can’t see your kids and I spent well over a million dollars trying to make 3 women happy… I love and respect them but lost it all! No home no boats no kids but hey I’m sober! And this is #DadLife because I love my kids! With or without me! Amen


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