Our spirit is what we really are

Amen 🙏🏾 trust me I left my moms tree in 1992, my fathers 1998, now divorced all that matters is Family! My children and definitely miss and love my exwife…. I love my ex, and tried to love each of my children’s moms. I love my children am proud I served our nation 20 yrs but it cost me big time. I pray multiple times daily and meditate for reconciliation reconnection forgiveness love and happiness and peacefulness in all our kingdoms I also love reading… I pray for not only the family I’m separated from but the community I live in, state I call home and nation that provides for us all. I pray to MY GOD… I pray for strength wisdom love and success… trust me I pray and meditate and definitely pray while I walk, and do push-ups for continuous strength sobriety and to be a witness of the glory of my god. Because it’s god who gives me my strength, my trust, and GOD aid always my lighthouse. Trust me I pray. I pray to the highest GOD of GODS. I pray to the GOD a that created light and darkness order and chaos. I pray! Trust me I pray…. Amen 🙏🏾 and it’s taught me to not only love myself but love others more. Forgive others but forgive my self first… I pray… amen 🙏🏾

dmr #love #success #community #happiness

The spirit is out most precious part of who we are… our body and mind gel but our spirit is the ultimate source of our power. Living in spirit #power


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