Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is the Christian concept of fighting against the work of preternatural evil forces. It is based on the biblical belief in evil spirits, or demons, that are said to intervene in human affairs in various ways. #SpiritualWarfare


The next time the enemy comes for you and you’re tempted to give in to discouragement, pull the scriptures out of your arsenal. #nottodaysatan #dmr #SpreadTheWord #spreadloveandkindness

SpreadTheGospel #spreadingpositivity #SpreadJoy2023 #DadLife #MomLife #ChildLife #FamilyLife #LiveLaughLove #GOD dmramsey IG dmramsey1 Twitter #Surfman374 TikTok / YouTube #knowledge #power #authority GOD Given over all evil people places and things! Amen Break The Chains GOD set fire to the demons dart forces against me is ours them there’s amen 🙏🏾 #GodsWord is our weapon our army armor helmet shield sword! I call upon the kingdoms of earth and heaven rise up ⬆️ #KingDavid says read the scripture total Quran Bible all wisdom from the angels and GOD! Fight the devils the evil jinn evil darkness win the day night morning from now till the end eternity and beyond amen in your name I pray for us all! #work #peoplen

Bless my food my water! #BlessMeLordGod so i can bless others amen! Make peace withing my body, mind, soul lead me into the land of #MilkAndHoney so i can destroy evil cast upon others! Let me be your #Knight your #Spirit #Your Body! #The Angel of #Blessings heal me so i can heal others! Amen! I break cancer break evil break all evil in the name of Jesus! I give you my body! To cleanse i speak healing to my body! My flesh my bones my soul in the name of jesus! I loose my self from evil spirits in my body! Loose my self from all evil! Amen! I command you evil spirits leave my body! My soul is GOD’s soul! I cast you out in the name of jesus! I cast out all evil! Rooted from evil! My body soul mind is yours GOD! No fear! No more is my spirit broken! #DMR no more is my body broken! No more is my mind broken! In your name god! Forgive me lord for any sin any sickness any evil! Forgive me lord! I cast out evil! In your name! Evil against me! My family my people! In your name! A sound mind body soul! Remove all that slows me! Amen! Let nothing evil be upon me! I command you leave me NOW! Amen! I pray for my body to function grow and be your vessel I pray for youth I pray for life not death! In your name I pray! Heal me oh lord! And I shall be healed! I release the fire of GOD UPON MY BODY! Amen rise Jesus heal me with your wings amen! I take the shield of faith! Amen Jesus Christ amen Jesus you made me while you give me strength amen! Delivery is mine lord! Deliver me GOD amen out of the hand of the enemy from oppression of man, land, water, air! Surround me GOD with all those who believe in me! Delivery me from the haters those who destroy delivery me from sadness the power of the lion! Through you GOD deliver me! Amen 🙏🏾 put to shame those who wish evil upon me! Amen! Preserve me from all evil men and women! Cast out evil! Because I put on the whole armor of GOD! I cancel all evil, burn the evil! Let no evil be established in my life! All evil soul ties! All sexual sin! All mental sin! All physical sin! I break all curses from all lust I am your living sacrificial offering! I burn out all ungodly soul ties from former partners! I command you evil spirits leave me! Amen all marriage breaking spirits I cast you out! I cast out all evil! I loose myself from lust through you GOD your Son who died for me! I give you my life ! Save me daily delivery me often! I give this all to you GOD! Amen! Set your angels loose upon me! Hear me lord to deliver me! Salvation ℹ confirm my confession amen defend me lord! I’m yours god! Set me free from terrorism set my nation free! Set our people free #food #power #people #water


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