The Purge

Me giving away the #Shitshow 🤔 what’s the definition of can’t take it with ya! “Can’t take it with ya”! Lmfao 😂 anyone want some free stuff…. #dmr I’m feeling like #ThePurge vibe these days, no I will not be trashing my truck or acting up! But I will be down sizing even more than my #MindBodySoul #subconsciousmind definitely stronger because of this loss! #consciousness getting focused! #spookyseason we live in! My advice stay married love each other! Do the work! Appreciate each others pros and cons! Appreciate each others energy! Appreciate each other’s diversity differences wants and needs. Shine indivisible individuality is beautiful it’s why I feel in love. Breaking the chains! Because no one’s in control of my life! Once this next year is over, my life will be even better! I’m a Man, a Father, a Veteran and ya can’t take it to heaven so fuck it all… I’m focused on the inside! Internal salvation! Go within! Because I don’t need external forgiveness I’ve said sorry felt bad but in the end, it’s me vs my shadow! And I will move forward, forgiving myself except it and grow! Born again! yep! Because I forgive myself! I own my own issues! I own my own set backs! I am who I am and I love me! And what ever created me! Understand what I did face what I did and move on! Rise up living consciousness vs stuck in chaos! Train maintain operate! Growing consciousness awareness and life! #Focused now!

Cleaning out the shitshow!

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