Love y’all good nite good day good bye ✌️ If it was up to me, I would still be married we would be enjoy this holiday with the kids, if it was up to me, still be a CoOwner of Gator-Gripp still be friends with the other owners, and we would have paid off the family loan, still be doing SaltySoulTaxidermy as a hobby, still be running rigsreefclassicspearfishing… because I believe in love and forgiveness truth be told! I believe in GOD! I believe in Family! I believe in friends and my city! And I got dreams too , to enjoy my life! With my wife my kids doing what I love! Now if you really know me then you know I’m gonna always speak the truth, to the best of my ability I might of acted up, definitely said things i regret but no one’s perfect y’all !!! Except GOD freewill definitely got me in trouble a few times lmfao 😂 but I’m human, don’t we all say and doing things we regret or wish we didn’t unless your a total shit bag then we’ll ya get what ya get right…. Love y’all Atleast ya know I’m alive sober and trying if there’s multiple things I learned (like that hahaha) in the coast guard! One of them is learn from your past mishaps and correct as needed 🫶‼️❤️

White chocolate macadamia nut ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sugar cookies that’s what I love this time of year! With coconut milk 🎅 and some for my deer and elves don’t forget Mrs clause #loveya forgive ya I definitely do! Just showing you how that’s all! #dmr #surfman374 I’ve been a bad boy this year! My bad I’m human #dadlife do you forgive me? I do I forgive me GOD loves us all! BTW so does the universe 😎 #love

Love ya santa

I’m a very forgiving man trust me! But I’m not gonna hold back! I’m never gonna let go of what I love! My kids! The moms that helped me make them! My family’s future! Yes it’s about forgiveness love and GOD! Freedom ain’t free till you forgive! Then your free! So #ifyouknowyouknow #iforgiveyou #iforgivemyself love y’all! #love #future #dmr

Not easy but if I can you can!
Love y’all
Trust me after what I went through! Lmfao it’s better to forgive maybe they will bless me back ⚓️♾️🫶 #Blessings DMR

I’m telling the truth! Love y’all 🫵‼️🫶


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