So what’s next?

Love y’all good nite good day good bye ✌️ If it was up to me, I would still be married we would be enjoy this holiday with the kids, if it was up to me, still be a CoOwner of Gator-Gripp still be friends with the other owners, and we would have paid off the family loan, still be doing SaltySoulTaxidermy as a hobby, still be running rigsreefclassicspearfishing… because I believe in love and forgiveness truth be told! I believe in GOD! I believe in Family! I believe in friends and my city! And I got dreams too , to enjoy my life! With my wife my kids doing what I love! Now if you really know me then you know I’m gonna always speak the truth, to the best of my ability I might of acted up, definitely said things i regret but no one’s perfect y’all !!! Except GOD freewill definitely got me in trouble a few times lmfao 😂 but I’m human, don’t we all say and doing things we regret or wish we didn’t unless your a total shit bag then we’ll ya get what ya get right…. Love y’all Atleast ya know I’m alive sober and trying if there’s multiple things I learned (like that hahaha) in the coast guard! One of them is learn from your past mishaps and correct as needed 🫶‼️❤️

I definitely wanna know

You must do the work to know yourself, identify your path in life, know who you really are, see the good and bad within yourself honestly, and know what your true needs and goals are. Learn to hear your inner-voice and listen to the messages it is telling you.

Lmfao 🤣 true I love to write about everything I’m feeling oh well I forgive you!
Trust me I’m sober!
Worn out stressed out but working it out lmfao 😂
See this is my I’ve had only a few hours sleep eyes! Fact! I miss my kids , divorced and that sucks! Because I believe in LOVE Family Forgiveness and cry a lot! I’m not weak I’m an Empath I have feelings and me and negative vibes don’t get along!

Ability • Motivation • Attitude make adjustments as needed often can’t help being a leader I was a surfman the 374th in the USCG! And Chief! 🇺🇸⚖️🏴‍☠️

Lessons learned, just wish it didn’t cost me a third family or more time lost with all my kids.
Had I would have known I would have to sell my panga because I would be accused of working with a cartel I would never have bought it! Had I known I would be accused of Militia activity and Whitehouse Riots I would never have posted about my Gold Medal I received for a Rescue I did given to me at the WhiteHouse BTW! Had I known I would have been accused of Bombs and Weapons I wouldn’t have hung out at my friends ranch called C4 Ranch! Had I known my 3rd marriage would end when my daughter turned 6months old! I wouldn’t have gotten married a 3rd time! A father should be able to raise his kids! Two wives cheated on me a third just left me I still love my kids love and respect there moms! But this third one hurt because I really loved her! As for Gator-Gripp Rack Systems! Now PullSetGrip I would have never promoted it had I known they would eventually steal my time and money my focus my energy I am a CoOwner and My makes on Patent and Trademark but no one protected my shares! What did I do wrong? I surely wouldn’t have founded rigsreefclassicspearfishing tournaments had I known I’d still be using the same old dive gear! But everyone showed up for free stuff then watched me burn! Had I known HempGuideToHealthyEating would lead to my wrongful arrest! House being broken into money being taken then I would have kept my CBD use to my self! Social media cost me everything! Lost all my money! My kids SaltySoulTaxidermy was a hobby even lost that when 6 guys in full tactic gear showed up to my house! Heck I even got baker acted because of lies just to be investigated! From 1998-2018 I served with honor respect devotion to duty! From 2018 to date I’ve been lied to totally screwed over and lost everything! Sad when people take advantage of a loving caring human! Who saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives in 20 yrs learned to walk again twice go sober after 21 years of pills order and chaos! True story I’m sober as Fuck Assholes! 10 major surgeries to learn to walk! Cervical fusion, both shoulders, both wrists, 3 lumbar fusions, and right knee! Sucks lost 120lbs post op! And just trying to survive now! 2022 has cost me everything including 100days in jail after I tried to get the cops to help me!
Ironically I ended up in jail 04/13/22 got released like 100days later! So much for CBD! And getting the cops attention in person! I just wish they would have asked what’s wrong so I could have explained all this vs tackling me! Cuffing me! Not reading me my rights advice! Ripping my truck apart locking for what ever! Then charges that should have never been charged! Sad! Yeah I didn’t stop till I got to my house! But after I got broke into lost all my money! What would you have done? Specially when my now exwife left a month before I was just trying to protect myself, family, house, and what I love!

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