Posting to much?

What just because I got the balls to speak about what I believe In, on social media vs post a bunch of hunting and fishing pictures makes me less of a man? I fished and hunted the last 43yeats of my life! What I post about deep thoughts to save me and maybe help some one else? Anothe veteran, maybe to lovers struggling? That makes me evil? NOPE means I’m a man and that’s what I believe in! BTW so fuck off it’s called social media wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for men and women creating content and posting it! Im a positive man, who’s house hobbies include fitness eating cooking healthy praying multiple times a day meditation listening to music enjoying the outdoors and yeah maybe one day fishing and hunting again!

But the cops said I can’t have my guns back till the 8th of January and fishing well I would rather workout so one day I can shoot my fish again! So just because I like to read, write, and pray not to mention raise awareness on hot topics like coparenting divorce health fitness veteran suicide and spread love daily doesn’t mean I’m wrong! Just means I’m a man with an option! I would rather relax at my pool then wade for fish! Fish for men! Fish for women spread the word!

Talk about GOD! And this Nation! Speak up about how divorce sucks! Hell maybe one couple might decide to stay together because my post! Maybe one couple might get back together because my post! Maybe one veteran or active duty member might decide to live because my post! Maybe someone will discover the creator? Because my post!


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