Family & SoberLife


familytime something you can never get back, but always make room for! I’m thankful yeah, but wish others would make room for it! That’s what 43 years has taught me! TikTok Time is ticking how ya spend it, and who ya spend it with that’s what really matters! #LOve and #Forgive ❤️‼️ Trust The truth hey that’s what they Fucken told me ya can never go wrong by telling the truth! #MomLife #DadLife #FamilyLifeMatters I’m not afraid to say it! #LoveMatters #TimeMatters #dmr



How about the fact I’m not a threat to myself or others? It killed my anxiety insomnia ptsd depression I think it could save a lot of veterans if Uncle Sam would Legally allow us to use it! Then States like Texas would benefit from my opinion this state could grow some of the best cannabis in North America it’s a very fertile State!

In my political opinion it’s an herb! GOD created plants for us to use! Hell more people get way more violent from to many drinks! Cocaine real drugs like heroin!


Opioids they will make ya crazy! Pain pills muscle relaxers anti depression pills 💊 trust me! I don’t mind a drink! But more than 2-3 nope! As for pills they have a time and place! Long term use NOPE! Not for me! To me hemp should be consumed… to me that’s the real benefit of the herb! Why I tried to spread the word about “HempGuideToHealthyEating”! But that just got me in trouble eventually! Trust me I called 911, CCPD, FBI! Heaven forbid I try to get help even tried to get a CopCar to follow me home right or wrong you didn’t get broke into! I did! Was protecting my house , family, money, im a veteran! Unfortunately I’m not a free man till January 8th 2024!

No I never hurt my wife! I do regret putting her cloths in front yard but I was looking for money and hemp! I do regret not pulling over because having them follow me home was a bad decision, specially after I waved at the two CCPD cops and signaled them to follow me! I’m gonna speak truth Btw after 20 years military service and gold medal from WhiteHouse I have No reason to lie!

The #TruthSetsMeFree
Joe Biden #Pardon me for asking… why not? What I used cannabis 2 years ago, then hemp! It’s why I called it #HempGuideToHealthyEating not #CannabisGuideToHealthyEating fun fact, been pill free #NoPills 3.5+ Years #noalcohol almost 14 months which sucks because I love a drink now and then! #CannabisTalk ain’t used #Herb in 2+ years! Now #CBD it’s been since 4/12/2022 #NoHemp #NoCannabis since like 2020! Unless the CBD shops sold me Marijuana because last I checked it’s been #decriminalized in the city but I would take the medical route if I were y’all! I have two qualified conditions but unfortunately I have to deal with this correction stuff till January 8th 2024! Then I’m absolutely getting my medical card!


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