Mask fins snorkel basic setup
Make sure mask fits and snorkel is flexible!
I wear wool socks with my long blades Freedive fins
More advanced ready to learn properly weighted dive belts help ya remain neutral at 30’ ish …. never be afraid to dump belt in emergency situations drop the belt!
Quality Lens help water condition clarity
Flexible snorkel is a must!
As you can see we use a lot longer blade when it comes to freediving Spearfishing
Don’t forget to drop the belt I wouldn’t recommend more than a few Lbs only use what ya need!
Two piece farmer style Wetsuit with chest pad and knee pads hoodie
Don’t fog up it sucks use anti fog y’all!
Back packs are a must imo
Mine is loaded with extra knifes, masks, snorkels, floatline, unfortunately lost my surface float and flag ;( oh well I will get another one one day. Riffe and mako make great gear as well as Neptonics for rigging see my website sponsors for great companies I love all them!
Floatline usually with surface float ;(
Dive knife with ice pick kill tip! Not flat! Tip is like a spear point 😉 you wanna kill the fish brain them! Fastest way! Then slit throat to bleed out immediately huge taste difference and less blood in cooler bleed out in the water!
Told ya having double is a blessing back up gear if you can afford it!
Reel yep! I use a real reel! synthetic super strong line on my reel!
Floatlines a must so are float but someone needed mine more than me ;(
“Nothing better than a good woodie” classic Riffe Gun 3XS I love my MADEINUSA Woodie
Gloves and sunscreen!
Yes Coolers lots of them! And a foam roller! For stretching
Board shorts flip flops
Cooler bag for your fish works nice as well!

Sunglasses sunscreen and icy hot lmfao I need that Atleast! Afterwards
A place to putt your butt on the ride out! The Gulf of Mexico ain’t no joke! Bean Bags are just for kids there for boats and butts!
Also helps me keep my floors clean and organized lmfao

Definitely needed to #shave when it. Ones to feeling good ya got to take care of it all… Love you those who #believe have #faith #trust and #hope! #dmr I still believe in #freediving #spearfishing #texas waters rock!!! Big giants live here! #pelagic #freshwater #saltwater #bigfish #bloodydecksfishingteam #saltysoulspearfishingteam

From 300lbs to 175lbs HUSTLR
Swim Call nah 30min of breathing training #ArchangelSpearfishing

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