Mental Health should never be used against a Veteran or Service Member


“Two people have accused me of “manic” in 43yrs BTW a Cop who needs training, & Ex!Funny clinical diagnosis says I’m an #Positive #Empath #HyperCreative! 20yrs Military Gassed up on GOD! “ neither cop nor her are Doctors BTW lmfao now I do have #anxiety #depression #insomnia #ptsd #centralnervoussystemdisorder #BMCRamsey #dmr #surfman374 #SurfsUp @iamcardib I absolutely love this @twitter post #mentalhealth #knowwhatyouare #notwhattheysayyouare #AreYouaDoctor no? Oh #BadCopsSuck don’t try to mental fuck me! I’m already Fucked up enough! From 100’s of 1000’s of lives saved to calling 911, City Police, FBI and then getting arrested lmfao not to mention two years of back to back baker acts! Can we say #retaliation YEP because thats what the @deptvetaffairs said it was all retaliation for what I reported! I’m not a #SubstanceAbuser definitely have a loud mouth but only when replying to assholes and definitely do not being in #familyviolence been married three times yes acted up a few time but never harmed a woman in my life or my children why am I sharing? #PlayByPlay everyday! #CYOA InGODITrust because people have #Lied #Cheated #Stolen #Abusedme used my suicide attempts against me called me crazy bipolar. And destroyed me my name in the #huntingindustry #fishingindustry but you know what! Even on active duty 20years of it only anxiety depression insomnia ptsd and suicide attempts (3 times I tried) why? First wife cheated, 2nd wife cheated, and my career was over the next day! #TrueStory only reason I ever tried was I felt worthless fully Gave up! This is True not Mania or Being Manic!!!! So don’t be hating me or telling people I’m crazy! Nothing worse than attorneys who@lie in court by the way! #Dadlife try loosing your kids for shit ya never did! @dmramsey how ya read me? LimaCharlie I’m still fighting this battle because I just got out of county jail after 100days again arrested after I called 911, CCPD, FBI funny how that worked!!!! It was CBD i don’t do drugs haven’t used pills in 3-4 years stopped drinking a year ago and was actually being creative writing TheDitchWitch Story for a Movie I would make! If I have the film crew and way more creative people


I’m a #Chief and #surfman we we trained to be the best btw! Or find the answer #dmr retired still fighting for my life and others!!! #GOD saved me! For a reason

First of All!

firstofall #leadership rocks #dmr


There’s only so much ya can take before ya take a stand! #Truth @dmramsey1 @Twitter

DavidRamsey CCTX 78412

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