Journey to Damascus

Power of prayers always sending mine up!

Thanks to my sponsor just submitted application for Journey to Damascus

Ya see when God has his Hand on you blessings Come Down Daily!

All jokes aside!
After what I have been through since retirement back in 2018 from 20 years military it’s Classic.
Lost House, Family, Life, Wife, Dog, Kids! Money, Company Position, Never Profited unfortunately they took it all GatorGrippHD now (Pull Set Gripp) , My Tournament my ExWife and I created. Learned to walk again, lost 120lbs now, beat 26 prescription drugs, Alcohol was not the problem but made it worse so canned that! Turned to Herbs go in trouble! spent almost 100days in County Held Prayer call every night but I believe one! Definitely prayed daily read the entire Bible twice! Wrote two cook books using herbs that saved my life! Lost my wife! Been lied to, been cheated on, (by a few ex wives) had stuff stolen from me, was Homeless. Definition of loose it all… like I said a Classic Case of it!

But here’s to better Days and A Journey to Damascus

Want to thank my Sponsor for the invite to be selected will be an honor specially when the world is full of amazing humans I’m thankful he thought of me to attend this event and he’s an amazing friend as well, Texas Veterans Commission U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & VETCourt



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