Off the Cuff Cause it’s Almost High NOON 🕛

That’s when ya meditate

If he shows back up Naked after falling covered in dirt bleeding from everything he’s a Fucken Keeper! #fishintalk because god threw his ass back at ya that why! #fixyourshit 🤣 💩 yet nope I’m still trimming the Mexican feather grass that seems to grow native here! Shits pooping up every day! Bonsai #frontyardmakeover meet #thegodfatherofgardeningangels #dmr #frontyardmafia say hello to my little Fucken friends 🪙 🪙. Like Fucken Scar face but with Hemp & Potatoes if I’m this creative on CBD I can’t wait till Texas Legalizes #CannabisSativa #cannabisíndica because Ruderalis is banging high CBD NO THC ROCKS THE HOUSE aim 190 now thanks to #honeyhemphumans and 🐝’s my belly biomass is also feeling good which really helps my vibe #hempguidetohealthyeating

Ha fishermen and Women can sure tell stories
Baby Red Potatoes (uncut)

Then like me all cut up potato bonsai

Make it better or totally bust it up and get creative work with what ya momma gave ya shake hat ya daddy made ya

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