Just doing what I can

No pills been a few year
Ain’t drank this year
No nicotine this year

And got fully cleared by the US Military and Department of Veterans Affairs as well as joined the Native American Church which allows me to practice Spiritually as that’s my rights as an American 🇺🇸

I also am active with my community

DMRamsey #OBJ22

And true story am a stay at home dad who writes about many things constantly challenged by a diverse belief and what if we all make sense thanks to my own personal revelation and rapture trust me I’m good to go just love being creative

And LOVE Earth 🌍

✅🛎💡🏖🌱🤙 🌎 and the Gulf of Mexico and all land touching her by the way! Y’all be nice to the Gulf she’s got to feed us all.

Oh now you get it

Places like this are still effected by her warm waters and mighty old growth now mountains

Oh yeah and being creative because HEMP CBD BONSAI trees looks beautiful and definitely take a lifetime to master

So go plant your own and start clipping

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