What’s your favorite flavor

I prefer honey and coconut milk… there’s truth in suffering #ItIsWhatItIs #ItAintWhatItAint #ripplesintheocean #acalmseawasneverfun #makingwaves #eatingshit #painrelief #selfless #NothingCompares to #emptynest #silenceofthelambs #silenceisbetrayal #wemakelove #wemakemoney #itsnevertoolatetostart #itsneverending #itsalwayssomething #ItsNeverNothing #attachmenttheory means #theycantakeitfromyou when you don’t care it doesn’t matter actually #attachedtonothing #lovenofhing but hey #happymothersday #momsarethebest aren’t they? Good moms are cool bad moms are dirty so I prefer a woman who gets down and dirty lmfao well maybe not to dirty lmfao hahahahhaha #womensupportingwomen #weallmatter well we should Atleast #sorrynotsorry #waitforit #howlongwilliloveyou forever “that’s to my kids”… duh! As for anyone else lmfao I #TrustNoOne but GOD Angels and Demons or (ExtraTerrestrials) if that’s what they are called lmfao remember GOD first, angels are light demons are darkness it’s more simpler when you live in empty emptiness “empty nest” no agenda just dripping into the now watching time TikTok of eternity (I do love creating) and love my kids of course I do I’m TheDaddy might not be with them in physical but spirit always

It ain’t no Fucken joke when you don’t get to see your kids!

dadspissedoffnowandalwayshasbeen #dadlivesmatter #dadspissedoffnow #surfman374 #HappyMothersDay #parentalguidance #ParentalAlienationSyndrome #SpreadTheWord #legalservices #legalsupport “I’m gonna have $70,000 and 70,000 reasons why come January 8th 2024 I will see mine! You eithe love me or hate me! But #Family is the only thing that matters! #PutGod1st see what happens I’m gonna … because I trust GOD JESUS and my Holy Spirit! David Michael Ramsey because nothing matters but FAMILY! Well #FamilyTime obviously sucks because I actually LOVE my ExWife! But hey is what it is …. I actually love all my exwives lmfao unfortunately I’ve had a few sorry I wasn’t good enough for you! I mean is anyone actually perfect? NOPE I’m definitely NOt but I will stand up for my kids #HappyMothersDay #babydaddydrama lmfao nope that’s why we get attorneys so we don’t have to deal with #drama or a #BabyMomma lmfao not threats just say’n Atleast the world knows what I believe in! That’s TIME! Time with Family Time doing what we love together, Lord Knows it’s cost me 3 lives already …. Hey #GodBlessAmerica and #GodBlessYpu I’m just telling the world what I believe in that’s not illegal! Because I could give zero fucks about anything else! Gator-Gripp Rack System Spearfishing Talk Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Salty Soul Taxidermy and for the record I love you Niccole Ramsey you still think your the best ! No matter what but I Fucken miss Kenzie austin addy hadley and lucky! Call me crazy for loving her! I don’t care! But I will be damned if I don’t fight for parental rights! Or officially tell the world I would never harm or threaten a Woman! Or My Children! I’m sober as fuck and that’s that! “I would marry her again” but that’s not my choice…. That’s her’s ❤️🤙🫶🫵🏁 hey Atleast the world o owns where my limits are and what I’m willing to loose or gain! We only have 1 life! We should all learn to enjoy it more! Not destroy it! So either I’m totally wrong! Or kinda right! Either way I miss my kids! Miss the moms in my life! And love and respect all children’s mothers! All our families and all our friends! So either encourage me or step out of the way! I don’t need anymore loss or haters after serving 20 years I’ve been through enough! I just wanna see my kids when it’s over even if it costs me everything! Atleast I will see them sober stronger and more loving 🥰 I’m upset I’m broken hearted but I’m not broken spirit my souls on fire! These days because I believe in GOD Jesus and the Holy Spirit Amen 🙏🏾


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