Why am I still Single?

I get asked a lot actually why am I #StillSingle honestly I had my heart broken.
sounds crazy, but it happens… would I like to be in a #relationship absolutely but I don’t know what #love truly is anymore don’t get to see my #kids so definitely breaks my heart I truly believe in #Family and #Friendships trust me it’s been a lonely 3 years… #single #singlelife #singlelifesucks lmfao 🤣 sorry but #ThisIsNotADatingApp it’s a place I post my options thoughts creations what I believe in. To me, maybe a woman will find me, but I’m not looking… trust me I #dontbelieveindivorce heck I wish I was still married. But life’s not about what I want. After loosing Gator-Gripp Rack System too two clowns lmfao building Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament with my best friend and now exwife discovering Salty Soul Taxidermy was just a hobby and Spearfishing Talk just a group I created lmfao on Facebook trust me #IDontFloss unfortunately I’m on probation 9 Monte months then I will be totally free. It’s why I don’t hunt or fish. I just focus on me and my #physicalhealth #spiritualhealth #mentalhealth because I definitely know it effected my past relationships 20 years in the military was just as hard on me as it was my now 3 exwives and all our children. Yes I’m #sober no pills since 2019 after 10 major surgeries, no alcohol 2.5years, no #CBD #Hemp I’ve a year no regular use of #cannabis since 2020/2021 #TrueStory learned to walk again twice gold medal at WhiteHouse 100’s of 1000’s of lives saved 1998-2018 Go Coast Guard CHIEF Ramsey David Michael Ramsey #AltusTendo #AfrasGoldMedal I’m also a #Positiveempath with a ton of energy lmfao 😂 so truth be told I just miss my kids and definitely love and miss one of their moms but totally love and respect all of them… #like #energy #building #facebook #respect #military #veteran


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