Because before you passed away she asked me I I loved her daughter, I said Yes. I also told her that I would fight for her, and protect the money she invested. She was the only human on earth that was willing to invest in me David Ramsey Corpus Christi, Texas she watched me build Gator-Gripp Rack System she believed in me when I showed her how hard I was willing to work she watched me grow, heal, become balanced. She watched me create Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament she watched me create Salty Soul Taxidermy she watched me go to school. She was at my U.S. Coast Guard retirement. She told me to listen to life. She asked me to never cheat, or hurt her princess I opened up because how I acted and what I said. And I told her everyday I’m growing becoming more whole. I thanked her and her ExHusband for the creation of the coolest 3 year old ever #HadleyNiccoleRamsey I also know I love her mom. Because I promised her to protect her love her go all in! From enjoying folding laundry for 5 years lmfao to yardwork. Becoming sober! Becoming the best me. I’m sober I’m healthy and I thankful. I just wish it didn’t cost me from 2014-Date a home , a wife, my kids, my dog, my boat, my tournament, my hobby. My passions. Sure I walk daily but I cry everytime because I walk by your house GiGi. I cry because I sold everything I loved to pay our debt off. I cry because I was 300lbs and now I’m 180lbs. I’m brave but humble! Real but broken my heart hurts but my souls on fire my bank accounts empty but I make just enough to earth each week. I pay my child support I even invest more than I spend on groceries lmfao because I want to leave my kids a legacy. But should it have cost me my retirement accounts my VA Back Pay? To get totally destroyed since I retired is hell. To be alive sure I’m thankful but I miss the promise of love I made I miss my children my dog I miss being appreciated hugged kissed I miss the sounds of my children playing with. My family. I miss smiling living laughing loving #explorepage #collective #illuminati #SecretSocieties #music #tarot #population #elite #consciousness #love tur cross is a place of maximum suffering but I’m done living in the sorrows it should be life enjoyed not life destroyed. I should be able to watch them grow up in person not via FaceTime or text. As a 100% disabled veteran who served 20 years saved 100’s of 1000’a of lives had 10major surgeries over came 26prescriptions I should be enjoying what I built my children. My wife our home her passions her spirit our life our differences what make us who we are what make us smile a little more 🖤🙏🏾🌎🛸🪐⚛️🤙🏁👽🚀


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