Military | Veteran Law Spouse

Well this one’s from the heart but maybe it will help a military law enforcement or veteran family one day… I fell off the bud a few times getting here sorry I’m late lmfao but hey this is for all you love birds out there still kicking ass! Holdfast! It ain’t easy doing the military or law enforcement love life


“I went down the rabbit hole” trust me Suicide not the answer! 3x’s I ate pills last attempt 2018! Never again will I allow my demons to win! As for drinking been two years! CBD Free a year, Cannabis Free 2yrs, no pills 4 years! I had cervical fusion, both shoulders rebuilt, 3 lumbar fusions , and both wrists and right knee done. Trust me 100% disabled 100% comabt related, 26 prescriptions as prescribed so when I retired it was hell! On me my marriage my kids my family my friends! It’s true we don’t come home the same it’s been since 1992 since I’ve seen my moms “tribe” 1998 since I’ve seen my dads “tribe” or tree family. Sure quick visits here and there but let me tell ya! It’s 2023 I ain’t been able to see my kids, and it sucks. But I’m sober! Thankfully and praise my Veterans Affairs and Local Police Department. Yep Gold Medal At Whitehouse 30,000 rescues. And a shitshow of hell for my ex wives. And kids! I’m sorry but I’m honest! I would turn back time if I could because I love them and our kids. But I’m Surfman374 1998-2018 AfrasGoldMedal and this even cost me 100days in county jail, 2 baker acts, and now 11 more months probation. I got 18months probation. Lots of UA’s and monthly probation VETCourt meeting yes! I praise nueces county probation and my judge and attorneys this city cares about us. Trust me! I put this out there because I went from hero to zero…. It happens but hey I still love my kids there moms and spearfishing so there’s definitely great things coming. Trust me! Get the help! When ya need it! It’s never to late for the member veteran or spouse or children! Trust me! You can do it! Might have to humble yourself and learn to respect yourself and love yourself again! But you can survive! Never give up!

A successful military spouse doesn’t give up

“If you respect you, you will respect everything else in life”… Live Laugh Love God Bless the People Before all of us I love everyone btw no matter what it cost me! And respect ya as well don’t forget to say sorry and hug and kiss eachother btw

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“If you respect you, you will respect everything else in life”… Live Laugh Love

Love you all I wish the best for you and your partner

Military / Veteran marriages go through some of the greatest distances and communication challenges of modern times. Successful couples manage to grow closer together and strengthen their love despite these obstacles, practicing listening loving laughing loving and forgiving understanding

A successful military spouse follows their own dreams

A successful military spouse takes care of their family

A successful military spouse has a strong and happy marriage

Trust me it’s just words of wisdom there’s other options, family counseling, fellowship, real playtime. Focus on the now. Don’t let the past destroy today or tomorrow… trust me drugs alcohol pill’s definitely don’t solve the problem remember love is the answer. Your just as important as your man or woman in uniform

“militaryfamily #veteranfamily #militaryspouse #veteranspouse #poetryofahero #militarykids #veterankids #divorcesupport #divorceisnteasy #divorceisnttheanswer #divorcecourt #divorcesucks sometimes a #secondchancechallenge the great thing about 2nd chances is you learned from the first one… #thirdtimesacharm sometimes “can’t never could”! But try can! #workitoutchallenge #beaboutittalkaboutit no kids should ever grow up without #bothparents btw

SelfRespect #LiveLaughLove #Poetryofahero #surfman374 #dmr #dadlife #momlife

“If you respect you, you will respect everything else in life”… Live Laugh Love

Love Talk walk love enjoy respect each others differences enjoy each others uniqueness’s
Sounds spooky but be nice to your kiddos trust me the spirit world is more real than ours. Love you all have an open heart and mind when you read my content or watch it please. It’s cost me 3 marriages I love and respect each of my girls
moms I promise … I definitely love the last one.

Maybe this information will help you? I love all my military law enforcement EMS families past present future… and yes freedom of religion and we the people type stuff as well all people matter to me!

So to recap militaryspouses #veteranspouses #lawenforcementspouses #militaryfamily #veteranfamily #lawenforcementfamily “from the heart”, trust me! I’ve lost a lot to become the man I am! Best wishes to all of you I love military families veteran families law enforcement families #veteran #military #love #lawenforcement #surfman374 #dmr I’m a #creator so I try to create as much helpful stuff as I can for me, and my kids! One day maybe my #content will help you.. #LoveIsTheAnswer yes my stuff is diverse but it’s what it took for me to become this man I am today. All 14,700+ posts worth lmfao “lord help me” but seriously I served 20yrs ran 30,000 rescues got a GoldMedal at Whitehouse have friends worldwide love spearfishing family and friends. Hope this helps even just one person any family… specially extended family and friends.

And for what it’s worth – It’s updated now… I truly love you and want you to know you saved my life you will always be my hero 🛟

That’s for someone special she k owns who she is love y’all and to my daughters and son! DadLoves y’all very much! This is a win for all of us and our families and friends

May you be blessed by the lord of spirits and love out your best love life 🤙 Forgiveness is pure love is pure faith grace Hope gratitude 🙏🏾 be yours “as above so below, as in is out” good in better out 🛟🫶‼️

You taught me to listen, love, and laugh… GOD Bless You GiGi… may you look down on us all and bless us from above. I’m thankful for you, Niccole, and #hadleyniccoleramsey when I look upon my daughter I see you and know we are all blessed by your spirit that lives on in her. #happybirthdayGiGi #iloveyou and ThankYou may you rest in peace know both Ashley, and Hadley Will forever be protected…. I put my soul on that! #LoveIsTheAnswer you taught me to be the best #DadLife I can… I don’t give up! Will not give up. I listened I learned and I ThankYou #PoetryOfAHero in fact I wrote this because of you Ashley and hadley

“I will never forget the night you told me to never hold back, and to always love and never give up or leave the ones ya love behind” GODBless you mom you saved me! You your daughter, hadley, my kids! #MyTribe #MyFamily #MyFriends you helped so many like me god bless you Momma Bear I miss the days of StJohn…

StJohn… “You believed in me, Invested in me! And one day I will pay you back”! The racks made stacks I know it! You also taught me ya reap what ya sow and to give it to god and trust GOD…”! You did so much for me my kids our house love you…
Love You GiGi thanks for believing in me when no one else did! GOD Bless you mom, REstInPeace I have the watch.. I will forever protect your daughter and hadley 🌹💡🙏🏾🛟
You taught me to love again GiGi and believed in me when no else else did! I love you mom miss you

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