What comes around goes around

@rigsreefclassicspearfishing @surfman374 retired @uscg

dmr #pullsetgrip still think #GatorGrippHD was a better name! #Patent #Trademark #Brand #Legacy #MadeinUSA Surfman374 CoOwnerLife taking from a Veteran is as bad as taking from his family! Or hers! PAYUP! Stop being false profits! Hackers Haters Trolls Thieves CatFish! I know what I created! My life my way everyday! #CoOwnerLife dead or Alive ya better be about it! #GatorGripp #IfItFitsItGripps what ya didn’t think I would remember what I did? I’m sober fucktards! Not to mention living my best life now! So thanks for asking BTW everyday is my day! My way! “Be about it, talk about it”? Lmfao 🤣 Texas? #ComeTakeIt or is it #ComeAndTakeIt opsNormal where I come from! Trust me you don’t wanna know what I’ve been through what it cost me! I was born dead! And now, I’m alive stronger bigger more badass! Because I am about it! And that’s a Fact CheckMate kings and queens don’t play we take care of our kingdoms! We the people ! Did you serve your nation? Or did ya fuck around? Let me tell ya Fucken around ya figure it out! Taking from active Duty reserve or veteran’s is wrong! Profiting off dead heroes even worse! PAYUP! Using our family way worse! Nonprofit lmfao 😂 #veteran #people #nonprofit #DrugPatch yep #Pisstest Yep #BloodTest Yep and still #Sober #DMR #Surfman374 #DadLife 🛟💯❤️‼️🇺🇸🫶 #Veteran 1998-2018 no alcohol since 2019 no cannabis 2021 no hemp 2022 no pills 2019 I’m proud of my journey! Don’t hurt women and children! By the way I reported all of this to the @deptvetaffairs #familyviolence #alcoholabuse #drugabuse #NOTME I’m not abuser or a looser #poetryofahero @surfman374 @rigsreefclassicspearfishing I’m just living my best life single unfortunately don’t let liars destroy ya haters can hate ya hackers can try trollers be trolling catfish be getting caught! #FAFO #LMFAO #theveteransdaughter ya better not touch them! Or any of my ex wives I will beat your ass! Lmfao bust a whip out and whip that ass!!! #DrugPatch yep #Pisstest Yep #BloodTest Yep and still #Sober #DMR #Surfman374 #DadLife true story hell of a #testimonial isn’t it! Who believes me now? Why not speak truth? We teach our kids to tell the truth why can’t we as adults? Lmfao because people be greedier that’s why! #7deadlysins #karmaisabitch isn’t she!

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