Married to Military/Vet

So far in 43 years What this has all taught me is “Marriage is about forgiveness”

I believe have faith and hope Amen 🙏🏾 Because GOD forgave forgives and so should we. i also don’t believe in Divorce but that happened 3X’s. Unfortunately for me in my perfect world two people would give it all to GOD, work it out. That’s my opinion, divorce effects you her, the children and all the families friends tribe. I’m not perfect GOD knows I apologize daily for any words or actions I may have done to hurt my partner or in this case partners. I will say this to be married to the Military And then the Veteran it takes a special human. To be married to someone with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain, surgery recovery whom may have survived suicide attempts may be disable or not dealing with drugs alcohol what ever the crutch who knows but it definitely takes an open heart. Unfortunately it happens divorce. But fortunately I have done everything I can to say sorry. Show them who I am and grow as a man and father. My prayers are simple peace for all my children in the end they get hurt the worse the most with divorce. As adults we can move on. Unfortunately! again I would love to still be together, but as for the children they no longer get to see mom and dad on the daily. Maybe in some divorced situations but not all. I can speak from my past growing up without a father sucked! Leaving my mom to live with my father sucked! Having to share my life with two families was fun but 2600 miles separated my two trees that sucked! That being said it’s why I’m gonna stay in corpus my daughter deserves me as much as I deserve her. And maybe one day things may change who knows only GOD Knows. But till things change I’m truly looking forward to a weekend At Journey To Damascus starting in about 30min. GOD Bless you all, sending love and publicly say’n to my ex’s im sorry for everything I may have done. Please forgive me I’m trying my best. And I’m being honest because this might save someone who’s considering divorce, try because in the end Marriage is about forgiveness and taking on the For Better or Worse. for ever together. Without judgement wouldnt that be epic to never argue talk never disrespect love, never verbally physically or spiritually harm. But live in harmony… Love y’all GOD has a Plan. Giving all my thoughts and future to you LORD. amen


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