My Story My Life

Why am I sharing this on a platform that has taught me so many lessons? Simple I share on all apps, because it’s my way of removing stress anxiety depression insomnia ptsd! My way of saying hey Suicide Awareness / Hey Thank A Hero! Hey I’m a Dad! Hey this is what love means to me! Hey I’m God We Trust! Hey We The People! God Bless America, hey I’m not Manic, Insane, Crazy! I spent 20 years serving my Country! I don’t work for the bad guys, I’m a Good Guy! I called the Cops! I called 911, I called the FBI! I also worked with DEA, And even CIA! No jokes! When ya join The Department of Homeland Security you do get to work with the Secret Service! When you do cool shit, ya win cool prizes! I’m an American! I love Made in America! it’s Like That Bow Gun Utility Rack! Or That Advanced Outdoor Film and Production School, or Chiefs Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Academy, Small Arms Instructor School! We all have dreams! Mine I’m still proud of! So yeah I’m gonna share it on Facebook! Just like I’m gonna share it on TikTok “TexasHempChef” see who finds me? What’s HempGuideToHealthyEating, it was me showing you how I got off pills, and alcohol learned to live better with my anxiety depression ptsd insomnia what’s HighEnergyHealthyEating! Simple the non medication (plant based version)!

True Storyteller yep! Some wild as hell some not so good ending but in the end this is my life! Not yours!

fvcatherinem that rescue was insane From #surfman374 to #bmc #altustendo to #hurricaneharvey #surfrescue to #fleo #sai to #afrasgoldmedal i loved my #uscg career 1998-2018 #Hotel153 alaska, oregon, washington, texas eastcoast west coast gulf coast #Military #dmramsey IG #dmramsey1 twitter We The People, God Bless you all! #lifeboatsailors #tactical #SAR

That One Rocked!
Washington Loved Me
A few times
Harvey Was Also Insane Texas!
Texas, What Harvey was like? HELL cost me my truck just glad it was a Tundra! Lmfao I would do it again! Cost me my boat as well! “Destroyed it doing rescues” Pangas Rock in Hurricanes So Do AirBoats!
I drink a lot of coffee
And never cry twice!


Alkaline Food! raw Food! #HempGuideToHealthyEating

Eat your food to live!

DMRamsey IG #DMRamsey1 Twitter

TexasHempChef TikTok

timetravel is real and will let ya know what you did, to better prepare ya for what your doin! #dmramsey #texashempchef

“Suicide is Not the Answer”! ❤️🤍💙🦅🤙😎 This Month is Suicide Month! #Listen #Love #Heal trust me heroes are worth the time effort and love!!! God Bless Brother and Sisters! Trust me 3x’s I tried to end my life! God Said not today young man! I’m thankful, because I get to post a lot about it now! #PTSD #Anxiety #depression #Insomnia all real! What’s not real #fakefriends #fakefamily #fakelove #fakeloyalty #FakePeople that’s not real! #nevergiveup BravoZulu heroes I Stand By that! Surfman374 DMRamsey TexasHempChef!

Post what you want to! Screw the haters

giants 🧐 bet they still are real! 🤣 😂 🤪 it’s amazing this “world”. Kandahar Giant? Too soon for RealTalk? #gianttalk #nephilim #jinn #angels #demons #GOD #gods what’s it all mean? #Magic is Harmony, with Mother Nature! #poetry is what I love Classic stuff! Surfman374 TexasHempChef #Nerd #makeyafamous #huckleberry #docholiday Nope not High BTW nope not on drugs! Nope no dope! No booze just herbs and spices vegetables and meats #TexasHempChef

I’m antiSuicide means I don’t like it! It’s not the answer
goodcopsdoexist #badcopssuck just say’n… BravoZulu to my BlueTeam! 💙🤙😎 🇺🇸🦅🤘
Dear You! It’s posts like this that make me proud I stayed on the #Internet #Surfman374 #makeadifference #loveYourSelf

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