8 Years

Today would have been 8 yrs I’m thankful proud and still love you @niccole12 love what we have #hadleyniccoleramsey it doesn’t take being married to know you love someone takes strength to tell than courage to show them and loyalty to stay with them. Forever or Not today was a special day and still is! Love ya Ashley I’m sorry for what I did wrong one day please forgive me. Know that I always love you and will always have your 6. I also forgive you your family your friends we all make mistake we all can heal! The kids all of them deserve our best! So I choose that path! And want to still say I love you! Sorry but that past brought me to this day! A future time one I’m even better from. I still remember when I retired from military in 2018 I said I just want family time and sobriety well got all the time in the world sobriety just want my #family miss you all love you all 24 years away now in a new place in life with no friends or family called Texas. Does divorce suck yes! But life doesn’t have too… #NeverGiveUp on showing love or telling them ya love them! #realtalk #happylifehappywife not always happy husband happy life not always! But what is happy? It’s knowing ya did your best for them and you gave them a child something they always wanted to give her family Hadley that’s the best gift on earth. The loss of mine well my cross to carry now. A problem I learned from a situation I have grown from. #becomemore #bemore #lifestyle #neverstoplearning about eachother growing with each other. Today I might be divorced alone but I have a home and life is life. Today I excepted what I couldn’t change because I changed what I could! ♥️❤️💯


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