Now Ya Know …. true Story

God Bless indigenous Peoples

I was the Chief of Operations on the Largest U.S. Coast Guard unit people and assets in the world 3 years ago… and the Ready For Operations Manager for the Gulf Region for 7 years before that… I managed every military and civilian agency available 24/7-365 before that Search and Rescue and Federal Law Enforcement before that The Global Position System our cell phones and computers use. We call it GPS… now before that a Foreman for my Dads Construction company before that a land scraper before that a dishwasher before that I rented white water Rafts before that I stocked grocery store shelves

On lands that many before me worked even harder for GOD bless Mother Earth and All her people places and things

One Love

What makes me uncomfortable is time it’s the “secret” time on Mother Earth I am lost without my love the love of the people places and things I’m lost without my tribe my people the ones who love me and help me shine. I’m lost without my woman, I’m lost without my children. I’m lost without that which I love. As the earth cry’s so does man and woman as the earth smiles so does man or woman when man and woman love the earth around them loves it’s the universal law of attraction two negatives create negative two positives bring positive but there must be balance so we can all live laugh and love 💛💛💙🌐


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