Have you seen?

Must Watch Video on how to handle your Gator-GrippHD Watch this Gator-GrippHD

If you have our #gatorgripphd You want your hands to land at the  “Center of the Strap” between the back of its jaws and the front support legs. When your hands land on the Strap, pull straight back with your hand not releasing till you know your BOW | GUN | UTILITY EQUIPMENT FITS #ifitfitsitgripps once secure release the Strap! Now the #gatorgripphd is doing its job!

Now if this was a Real Gator you might want to have a pro handle it because they are dangerous and we do not recommend it! Because you will be placing your body and weight with all your might on the neck or body to force a very dangerous the head to the ground. This is what happens when you really have a real Alligator! They open their mouths the same way humans do. That means the bottom jaw moves—the top doesn’t. In our Case the Main Frame Doesn’t move BUT, “our Swing Arms Do”

“USE CAUTION WITH REAL LIVE or DEAD GATORS PRO’s ONLY like this guy above! Who’s on a TV Show about Gator Hunting”

To Learn More About Us, “CLICK THIS LINK” American Made Gator-GrippHD


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