Gator-Gripp RMS / PlugKIT

The World’s Best Bow, Gun, Utility Rack just got better! We would like to introduce the Gator-Gripp (Polaris) AT/UTV Mounting Kit and it’s Contents. Within this box is the Remote Mount Plug Kit RMS). #gatorgripprms #gatorgrippplugkit

As seen on this Custom UTV from Triple Threat Offroad This is similar in our opinion to the Lock & Ride® From Polaris, but with Gator-Gripp Technology! Now with our accessories you can attach or detach the Plug to the Polaris ATV/UTV in seconds allowing you to hunt, ride or work more – and not hassle with any time-consuming accessory installation. The Gator-Gripp Plug RMS is a must have attachment point for Polaris Owners. Purchase Now (While Supplies Last) Gator-Gripp PLUG RMS. As you can see in image below with Gator-Gripp Rack Systems UTV Mount KIT with our RMS you can lockdown your Gator-GrippHD

Gator-Gripp PLUG RMP

simple to use! Just insert our RMP into Plug Holes, Tighten, and Go! Purchase yours today. Gator-Gripp PLUG RMS

At Gator-Gripp Rack Systems we Salute our Nations Heroes. Our Own CoOwner David Ramsey is a 20 year Retired Surfman & Chief in the US Coast Guard. He’s also the Director and of Founder of The Spearfishing Tournament Rigs & Reef Classic .

We appreciate the Featured Custom UTV built for Bradley. We Salute all our Nations Heroes!

You like our Shirt? We do too! Thank You Grunt Style


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