Digital Spearfishing Tournament 2019

Rigs & Reef Classic Tournament Aug 1st – 17th Two Divisions (Division 2 Normal Rules Apply)

Division 1 – Anyone can enter to win**


Post a Picture of a Spearfishing Adventure Harvested Fish 1Aug – 17Aug* and Tag/Post Tag & Post Our Page

*Cheating will lead to Immediately being disqualified!)

(**$20 entry per photo paid entry online limit 5)

Rules – Most like’s 1 – 17 Aug by @530pm Wins. Rules are simple

Post 1 Fish Picture per Fish you harvested Spearfishing during these dates. $20 per photo entry. 5 Fish Photo Limit $100 photo Limit per diver**

(Most Likes Wins)$20 Entry to compete

50/50 1st Place Winner Takes 50%

2nd place 25%

3rd place 10%

For instance say we raise $1000 in photo entry fee’s, (which would only take 50 Spearfishing fish photos) 1st place get $500.00, 2nd place gets $250, 3rd place $100. Donating $150 to NonProfit.

Spearfishing Photo Likes Contest

Redtide Spearfishing #rigsreefclassic2019

1 of 5 Photos total can be submitted per diver via Facebook or Instagram with #rigsreefclassic2019. $20 per photo entry between 1 Aug 2019 – 17 Aug 2019 530pm. Only Registered Divers through this payment agreement are entered to win. The Use of #rigsreefclassic2019 is only good for this photo contest only. #rigsreefclassic2019

$20 Digital Photo Likes Contest

(Open to Texas Fresh/Saltwater and Gulf of Mexico)

Learn About The NonProfit OATH

2019 Photo Contest Example


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