Can Freediving, Scuba, and Spearfishing Heal?

Yes it can!

I am not afraid to speak about my 20 year Military Career and the Painful journey! I’m Disabled, Suffer PTSD, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, have had 9 major surgeries all of which are Service Connected from 1000’s of selfless acts Serving 20 years as the 374th U.S. Coast Guard Surfman. ⚓️

The Same Ocean that has Destroyed my body – 3 Lumbar Surgeries, Cervical Fusion, Both Shoulder’s Rebuilt, both wrists, and right knee!

Heals Our Heroes

The Outdoor Association for True Heroes

The Past

52’ MLB Conducting Surf Mission

47’ MLB Conducting Surf Mission

The Future

Every time I’m in the water Freediving & Spearfishing it heals me, and the others. So yes IMO being in the water, underwater is healing. Ive seen the worse conditions the Oceans can Create. And Freediving Heals all the pain.

Donate Today Help a Hero Heal

3 Ways of Healing

  • Calm Mind
  • Relaxed Body
  • Deep Breathtaking

Healing day for a Hero

Heal the Hero ⚓️ Click Image Below


Help a OATH Hero

OATH heals a lot of Heroes and families. Take a Stand, Help a Hero, Donate by simply clicking image above.

Help A Hero

Donate Today Help a Hero Heal



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