From Rod & Reel to Noodling, Boat to Bank Fishing Lots of Ways to Compete.

Special Rod & Reel Division

Marker 37 Marina LLC

See Website for sponsors and event info

We want to allow equal opportunities for all to enjoy the water…. This is heavier wins!!! Big Fish Tournament I Fish Species Per Division Entry (you can enter one of each per boat/team). Boat/Team is Minimum 2 Person – Max 4 Per Boat/Team

1st – Catch All and be (Heaviest)

2nd – Catch 1 less than most fish and heaviest with less weigh.

3rd – Catch 1 Less with weight less, than 2nd place winner

Here is the kicker it is based on weight!

“So say I go out Catch everything and it’s 542lbs Total weight. Then you go out Catch a 600lb Tuna, Amberjack, Cobia Combo and win!”

Why? Because you got 600lbs of fish.

In the event of a tie, who ever turned fish in first wins.

Contact David Ramsey with any questions this is for #spearosforheroes Funds.

Here’s how you enter click link

ENTER HERE $500 per Division

{please e-mail me your Division Entry and note it in your Donation feel free to mention who you are what you do}

Even if you don’t fish but can help please donate. We want to continue to be able to help organizations like OATH

Donate (Entry Fee $500)



Targeted fish (hit list) will be –

Offshore Division $500

Wahoo – Tuna – Amberjack – Mahi – Cobia – Lion Fish

Inshore Division $500

Redfish – Trout – Flounder

Backwater/Fresh Water Division $500

Alligator Gar – Catfish

Open to BOWFISHING, Noodle, and any legal means Rod & Reel, NO no No NO SPEARFISHING NO!

One Fish Per Species Per Team/Boat

Entry Fee is (TEAM/BOAT ENTRY)

$500.00 Entry Per Hit List Division

ENTER HERE $500 Per Division

Here’s Breakdown-

1st place winner gets 50% of Paid Entry Fee’s

2nd place 50% remaining

3rd place 50% remaining

Remaining funds go

Towards annual event fee’s and supporting Organizations like OATH.


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