Harmony is balanced

duality one warm or one cold light or darkness #esoteric #kabbalah #magnetic bind the left side and right side the man and women the wholesome divine to #inhale and #exhale destroy and regenerate the order the chaos #archee #azoth #hyle #hope #fear #balance #thehistoryofmagic it’s the #Magi is a magician whose inclination toward magic is so immense that they can be said to shape the world. #thesorrow #thejoy #dualality it’s about #harmony is not equal it’s about #balance like fire like water… it’s the predetermined the dogma of the science itself the three fold power when the work os accomplished with faith there must be two it’s why priests wear black and white the evocation of fire smoke water earth wind the magnificent magnitude of magnetism #poetryofahero the canyons of dethroning the gods the sacrifice of the old world #transcendental magic the mysteries the tribe of levi the priesthood the official occultist the miracles claimed be individual religion the murder because of faith thank god is no longer the magician is Holy understanding unholy to reap what you sow the dominion of domineering dominance dominant thought to share together the inspiration when St. Peter grew old. The oracle’s lamentation invoke conjoint conjunction conjure the book of splendours to renew and confirm nothing persisted but changes form nothing dies only changes form… all things all all connected the nervous system the connection the consciousness of subconscious illuminated illumination Illuminati nature has its own force it’s own synchronous synchronicity of synchronization to stay your hand hood your hand. The triad foundation the symbolical number the mathematical verse the redemption of the resemblance the redeeming the light of darkness moral consequences come with the strength of spirit if from heaven it’s above the abyss below be wise love love laugh learn the pagan the modern god worshipping the creator the divine the master keys master plan master of the universe the union of two unity of total mystic Christian to not worship idols the moon the towers the crab the sun the stars the wolf the beasts the birds the fish the Man the extraordinary human genius of divine incarnate the east the west the north the south the above the below the inside the out! It’s day it’s night to flow you will go. #abracadabra #TheFatherWordHolySpirit the ether the salt the dragons blood the father the mother the water the trident the sacred tetrahedron the restoration at crossroads #surfman374 #humansoul action


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