Like living in a meat grinder nope

Texas social media “censorship”

texassocialmediacensorshiplaw BravoZulu #SpearfishingTalk #RigsReefClassicSpearfishingTournament #SpearfishingTalk #GatorGrippRackSystem #SaltySoulTaxidermy #DavidRamsey #Surfman374 #USCoastGuard

socialmedia #law

@lemproducts #boudain is probably my favorite next two jalapeño cheese garlic sausage just say’n if I had my LEM Products grinder mixer and stuffer I would make more but I got told it’s on #loan lmfao 😂 #naked nope I’m wearing underwear #TripleDigitHunter

meatgrinder #electricstuffer #meatmixer

It’s funny I taught him how to make it and then they took my equipment oh wait “borrowed” it better be in perfect shape when I get it back! Seriously when I say they took it all they took it all lmfao 😂 even my #GunRights and y’all wonder why I haven’t hunted since 2019 been to busy getting #shanghaidincorpus I do love it here but I’m #100percentdisablednotdead

Surfman374 like I said don’t treat #military #veterans or #lawenforcement like shit! Men and women like me sacrificed it all for your #freedom to not fuck me over btw! #pullsetgrip true story!

And go ahead keep reporting my content for telling the truth this is just dumb down here how they treat people

True story btw

I wonder #latinawoman is like lmfao 🤣

Because Me and white girls just don’t seem to workout lmfao 😂 they always leave take my kids all my money all my stuff lmfao #italianamerican #blackflagcoastie yes I’m single but this ain’t a dating app #thisaintadatingapp #irishwomen always runoff lmfao 😂. And they take my kids and dogs it’s kinda joke, but not really because #ParentalAlienationSyndrome is real! And so is #parentalalienationawareness so that being said. I miss my kids and Fuck Gator-Gripp Rack System
“they are worse than horse thieves”! You don’t fuck over #military or #veterans because I signed on as CoOwner Chief Marketing officer and took that Fucken product from nothing to something just so some dumb fuck signature series chasing fucktard worthless piece of batshit could steal it from me in 2020 ironically immediately after the Archery Trade Association – ATA so fun fact! Trust me I would never work with those to shit bags ever again! My family built the website paid to have the GatorGrippHD made and I marketed it so hard even Swamp People knows me lmfao so does most teams on Outdoor Channel The Sportsman Channel Pursuit Channel “We Deliver The Outdoors”

But hey obviously no one gives a fuck because it is now called the “PullSetGrip” which by the way I loved Bakcou Ebikes and then the same stupid Fucken pieces of dog shit humans flesh fucked me over there so! As much as this is a roast! It’s not a joke! After 20 year’s military learning to walk again twice 10 major surgeries and a Fucken #AfrasGoldMedal from The White House you would think because my Names on #patent #trademark #brand someone would have been like did ya pay Dave? #Surfman374 #ChiefRamsey as in the dude who promoted it from 2014 to date! #uscg

It is Generally, recommend to post at least once a day to #maximize your #visibility and #engagement. However, if you have more #time and #resources, you can post #multipletimes a day, or even #severaltimes a #week. #Experiment to find the #posting #schedule that works #bestforyou and #yourfollowers. #instagram #twitter #tiktok #snapchat #linkedin #facebook #groups #trxts #phonecalls #youtube #spellcheck #edit #post #whatsnext? #blackflagcoastie US_SpaceCom #spaceforcedod #spearfishingtalk don’t forget to add hashtags and tags pages Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Spearfishing Talk add a smile and check in

All for one like lmfao ☠️🖤⚓️💙👻💯💀🤙🏴‍☠️🌎🏁

The term often refers to #stealth actions by social media platforms to limit a post’s visibility. And it’s been coming up a lot lately. And the term in the context of the so-called #internal #company #documents Your social media posts, as far as you can tell, are great, but they don’t get any engagement.

Are you being “#shadowbanned”?

Social media apps initially defended its action on the grounds that the reporting was unverified but later said it would change its policy for similar content. The very notion that our online activity can be manipulated by a platform without our knowing it can be #unnerving “Shadow banning is the worry by any user that they are howling into the void, that they have been placed in a #bubble and it’s #undisclosed,” he said.

Now it can describe users’ general discontent about not getting the attention they believe they deserve on #socialmedia, even if they don’t necessarily think a #platform has engaged in any #clandestine #moderation. #US_SpaceCom #spaceforcedod #spearfishingtalk #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #realbosswomenonly #surfman374 #listenlinda #military #veteran #verified #sciops #bioops #everybodywannaball till they fall lmfao 🤣 #texasboys #candytoys #texasgirls love real men real women don’t leave either lmfao 😂 blackflagarmy nah #blackflagcoastie lmfao 😂 #gotbeef yeah I ain’t had no peaches n cream in a year lmfao 🤣 makes a man moody

Amerigo Vespucci found #bigfoot ie “they must be” #verybigmen #curacaoisland

amerigovespucci don’t take the #threegirls from the #giants lmfao 😂. How many were on the Alonso Alverez de Pineda on the Mississippi the #goliaths were covered in golden jewelry and ornaments not just giants but pigmy’s #pigmys

Antoniopigafetta just ask master navigator #ferdinandmagellin Patagonia exotic lands and big people …. Or how about #TheBlackPanther #HernandoDeSoto battle a few I love #secretsoftheancients and #Mabila #chieftuskaloosa did they ever find him? A giant mightier than his son… The Tsistsistas (#Cheyenne) have a name for the #giantbeings that their ancestors encountered during the early migration to the grasslands of the Great Plains. They called them #haztovahotoxceo or “#twofacedstarpeople”. Other Plains tribes such as the #BlackFeet, #GrosVentres and #Lakota have similar stories. #Nephilim are real and so are the #SonsOfGod

To me a Veteran shouldn’t have to loose everything he or she built just to see how I would respond. It’s a Fucken joke to be honest!

I mean literally I report everything to the US Department of Veterans Affairs and I loose it all

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament
Spearfishing Talk
Gator-Gripp Rack System
Salty Soul Taxidermy
David Ramsey
Spearfishing Talk

So much for never giving up lmfao
I mean thanks Texas Veterans Commission and VA but for real! WTF is wrong with this scenario….

I wake up everyday and do my best just to loose absolutely everything in my life! Trust me it Fucken sucks! But hey I’m a Father, I try my best, I kept everyone informed and fuck me for trying… to me that’s the Fucken problem these days! No one lets us have what we created! I did my best for the U.S. Coast Guard and earned #Surfman374 #AfrasGoldMedal #AtlusTendoAward saved 1000’s of lives and when I needed everyone’s help the most I loose it all? Hemp is Legal! BTW trust me I reported it all to the Government and VA! I can’t say they didn’t rebuild me because let me tell ya all the surgeons that rebuilt me kicked ass! All the mental health acupuncture kicked ass! But damn AMerica seriously it shouldn’t have cost me my guns, meat processing equipment, a home, my dog, my kids, a woman I love! What I can’t say I didn’t love my kids moms? I mean seriously this whole scenario may have taken me to the now! But holy Fucken shitshow! Trust me it sucks! I never had beef with cops game wardens or government agency’s and or civilians and holy smoke show! Ever single thing I built GONE! Everything I loved GONE! Everything that made me Happy GONE! Since 2018 to date all of it taken or shut down or sold because I was trying my best and never did a thing wrong! I’m totally over it trust me! Because I’m like 180lbs and don’t even leave my apartment unless it’s for Fucken groceries a pisstest or VETCourt and probation trust me this is a shorty ass way to live after what I went through and lost. #veteran #veterans #love #like #mentalhealth #help #legal


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