Welcome to the Shitshow


“magi the labyrinth of magic”

Why Lie, Why Cheat, Why Steal? Why not help heal? Why live selfish, why laugh selfish, why love selfishly? Why not live selfless, why not laugh selflessly, why not love self LESS… why not help, why not create, why not share, with less hate. Why choose pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth, why not choose virtues.
Why not be charitable, why not have chastity, why not have diligence, why not have humility, why not have kindness, why not have patience, why not have temperance. I ask myself #WhyNot because why not! As a leader, I lead! As a Mentor I Mentored, as a Teacher I taught, warrior I fought! A sinner I sinned! A father I did my part, a partner I am always all in. A friend always available to listen, enjoy, help, communicate, and not destroy. A Sailor who you could always trust. A Military Member whom always was ready! A Veteran who lost it all. Why should we fall. Why not answer the call. When you see your brother or sister in a place like I’ve been why did you watch, influence, create lies cheat steal defame destroy. Don’t you know how many families are still together because of heroes like me? Do you know I already sacrificed it all 20 years, 3 marriages, and numerous companies. At 44 I should still have my boat, meat processing equipment guns and beer brewing equipment. My alcohol still and my hemp plants! Because why not? If no laws were broken then why not allow me to be me! You do you! Why not appreciate my passion when I appreciate yours? I’m not lost in the labyrinth of life You Are! I know who I am! I’m not here to fill your cup I’m here to enjoy mine!

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament
Spearfishing Talk
Gator-Gripp Rack System
Salty Soul Taxidermy
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Texas Veterans Commission
U.S. Coast Guard
David Ramsey
Archery Trade Association – ATA
LEM Products
Spearfishing Talk
U.S. Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi
Bakcou Ebikes
Swamp People
Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi
Pursuit Channel “We Deliver The Outdoors”
Outdoor Channel
The Sportsman Channel

My wheels are not turning so you can profit! My efforts were not for nothing! This is my soul’s journey not yours! I’m only sharing what I want you to see, watch, and not influence! Because I’m a Creator! Whom like you was Created…. Welcome to #TheShitShow


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