My Monsters ISREAL

Why don’t y’all go to one of the 4000 churches and pray to your god! I’m good! I know what created me! Anyone want #taxidermy #equipment? #DMR #SaltySoulTaxidermy was just a #hobby #GatorGripp #GatorGrippHD #pullSetGrip #CoOwnerLife #CMO was a Job I was a #CoOwner #rigsreefclassicspearfishing a #passion now I ain’t got anything to do but loose it all for nothing… #AllInForYou #ALLInChallenge #Veteran 1998-2018 #Surfman374 #USCG #DadLife do I even have kids anymore? Can I get a DNA test? Done on them? Be fun 🤩 wouldn’t it! I love ya kids I promise even if ya weren’t mine! #bestdaddyever then why did they leave me? Accuse me of drugs alcohol and family violence? Last I checked I’m a Damn Good Father! Never touch a single mother abusively and love my KIDS! They call it anxiety depression insomnia ptsd because real america heroes suffer and some of us loose our life or all our shit! You wonder why American heroes say fuck it! That’s why! No one gives a Fuck anymore about us! obviously because I lost it all! And my kids! Liars! Thieves hackers haters trolls FUCK OFF! Stop cheating and beating in each other! Learn to love! WTF y’all damned sinners oh wait let’s all go to church again and ask for forgiveness BULLshit! You think gods gonna wave a magic stick and say your forgiven lmfao!

Nah not that easy! #TheMatrix #TheSystem #TheOrder Chaos is Real! So is positivity and negativity trust me! #theshadowknows

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