Hey Jeff Bezos what time is it? West Texas TIME BIGTIME

As they say everything is bigger in Texas

Some said that not me lmfao

Ten thousand years is about the age of modern civilization, so The Clock will measure out a future of civilization equal to its past. This assumes our civilization is in the middle of whatever journey we are on — an implicit statement of optimism.
To see #TheClock you need to start at dawn, like any pilgrimage. It will require a day’s hike to reach its interior gears.
It is still being assembled, deep inside a mountain, in West Texas.

the Long Now
A monument scale mechanical clock, built inside a mountain, designed to keep accurate time for the next ten millennia. #TheClockofTheLongNow BravoZulu love it #dmr #surfman374 #jeffBezos #TwitterNews #WestTexas #TexasTime #MountainTime gonna need a lot of cowboys to wind that clock them cowgirls wound that clock back



JeffBezos is Building a Massive 10,000 Year Clock in a West #Texas Mountain

He posted footage of work in progress, which is located inside a mountain in the Sierra Diablo mountain range in Texas. The mechanical clock, according to Bezos’ tweet, is powered by day/night thermal cycles. It will reportedly measure 150 metres in diameter (500 feet).

Jeff Bezos’ 10000-year clock located inside a mountain will be powered by the Earth’s thermal cycles in West Texas.

10000YearClock #WestTexas

It’s called The Clock of the Long Now, and Bezos is said to have spent US$42 million (S$58 million)building it. Currently under construction, the mechanical clock will stand at 150m in height when completed.

So they say it’s only money right



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