Lost it all! For others

Seriously make an offer it is yours, if I had a place to keep my equipment I would. But unfortunately I don’t have a family to feed. So it’s all got to go. Nothing like giving always 3000.00 in meat processor equipment and thousands in taxidermy equipment

Trust me I even gave away my boat and Bowfishing gear. Lmfao 🤣 sucks giving away your hobbies my recommendation don’t ever get married! Love ain’t real! I loved hunting and fishing still do still will! But damn! I hope everytime you use my shit, you know an American hero sacrificed his life for that! So may your house be blessed with my sacrifice! GOD a damned sad when people take from you! God Damn sad when people call your exwife who stole your company! yeah his name is Tom he’s a shit bag! I hope every dime you stole from me burns a while in your pockets! I hope every piece of my passion reminds you of the sacrifices I made for America! I hope all of you enjoy your lake of fire! #LoveIsTheAnswer it’s why I went so hard for GatorGrippHD now #PullSetGrip went so hard for a hobby #SaltySoulTaxidermy created a dream into a realistic event #rigsreefclassicspearfishing so I hope you all enjoy my hardwork! Sad social media should be a place we spread love and joy! But it’s been a place where everyone got to watch it get destroyed so ride on cowboys and cowgirls enjoy grinding meat! Making summer sausage and creating your own HempHoney! WAnt my soul next? Nah that’s GODS! Thanks Tom and brian! Thanks for stealing my dream! Who put it on swamp people? Me! Who blasted the GatorGripp to the world? Me! Who said we need to upgrade me! The low hanging fruits always get taken first! I trust NO ONE! Thanks to loosing it all! What a shitshow! Thanks everyone enjoy the boat the gear the passion the hobby my dreams #gatorgripp #pullsetgrip as if learning to walk again was hard enough twice! Getting sober sucked! All as prescribed I’m not a drug addict, alcoholic, and don’t believe in family violence! I believe in love and being a father! Hunting and fishing! Provide for my family! Future! Trust me! I lost it all! All my money! 8 years of paying the price for my dream! All lost! Over a Half a million dollars down the drain! And now I’m broke lmfao 😂 eat salad and drink instant coffee… thanks you all! Appreciate it! #love #socialmedia #coffee #learning #future #people #like #event #money


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