“Well since I can’t kiss her in real life”, I sent her this maybe a digital kiss will have to do this year here’s to kissing you in digital 2022/2023 💋😘😚😗😙 who’s she? Maybe she will send me one back… who wants to blow me a kiss this year sorry Men I prefer a woman… or women that would be fun lmfao JK hahaha one is enough for me! Lmfao #dmr #digitalkiss #digitalkiss2022 here’s to not kissing you this year In real life. A good point everyone make sure you hold her tight hug her often and give her an epic kiss tonight… just say’n #DadLife advice you better never leave my daughter I will beat your ass! ℹ encourage keeping wedding vows ya plan on getting married to one of my girls! And I will make you keep them lmfao! Go to counseling fall in love again. Listen to each other enjoy each other never stop dating never stop sex never stop loving each other #adultingdoneright IMO but what do I know? Love you all GOD Bless Texas #digital #love

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