Been through a lot of shit

Have you ever just sat and thought dang I’ve been through a lot of shit lmfao

Yep…. And wake up expecting more lmfao after you loose it all you get use to the smell lmfao 🤣 #dmr #DadLife Love is the Answer Y’all “You all” that’s definitely the truth don’t matter if yo a Man Woman Women Men for some of us we get better because of the shit went we through. After a while fucked up fucked over eventually leads to better shit and better fucking life. #poetryisnotdead #poetryislife #wordsofwisdom #fuck it bring on the #ShitShow lmfao 🤣 😂 🤪 I’m using bad words again sorry not sorry been through a lot of shit 🐸 lost all my shit “a few times” lost my shit as well but wake up! Never Give Up even when the shit sucks #LovEIsTheAnswer


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