Definitely a Bucketlist year

My thoughts the last 365 days beat 100 days in county let me tell ya. I ain’t never acting up again and sober rocks thankful I’m a Dad … Love “You” All I say y’all because I also grew up in the south. Born in alaska raised in Georgia was a wild ass teenager in Washington State here’s to 44 yrs alive & my 3rd divorce lmfao 🤣 I guess it’s like a card game ♦️♠️♣️ waiting on Queen of ♥️’s Lmfao 🤣 I actually love the last one and middle one and tried to the first one. Even though they took everything including the dogs and kids lmfao 🤣 this last one’s been cool enough to promise me I can have my man stuff back once I get off this probation in a year! Oh yeah I got arrested this year that was a first for me! So now that’s checked off the bucketlist this next year should be much easier lmfao 😂 I’m sober wave at every cop which is better than chasing after them lmfao 🤣 so hey yep Sober like a good laugh walk my ass off and one day my queen will find me.

Yep I’m a ltitle bit of a 🐻 definite 🃏 joker but after what I’ve been through anyone would be thankful very protective and loyal so hears to never cheating or beating and being sober! And thankful for my bad ass daughters and son. #DadLife guess I’m kissing myself this year 😘🫶💋❤️‼️ #DMR

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