Is Living Better Sober?

This is Fellowship btw writing

DavidMRamsey “DMR”

What I learned while recovering from 3 lumbar fusions, Cervical Fusion, both shoulders being rebuilt, both wrists, and right knee is simple take the medication as prescribed but never long term. Because eventually what was used to xontrol pain, or your Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and PTSD will become habit and you will become chemical in the end, the drug will turn on you, consuming all that you are, all that you will ever be… so for me knowing the end goal was simple when I retired from Military more time with family, sobriety, and balance in life. #DMR it’s not easy because the same thing can be said about alcohol no I never drank regularly, but I know people who have. Eventually it consumes you. What you eat, what you take, what you drink, what you hear, smell, or feel will change you. With proper focus, patience, and balance you can overcome what ever challenges you. Never Give Up. For me long term use of medicine made my problems worse, it brought out my worst. I became my worst. But in time the weight came off, my organs started healing, cleansing, my body started waking up again. Although this journey cost me everything from marriage to time with my kids, my company, my passions. I can say this I’m more loving now, I smile now. And honestly I love others more now. To me I was a “zombie” like the walking dead. But now alive. Yes mental health matters! Yes meditating helps! Yes acupuncture, Yes physical activity. Yes being honest with yourself and others. Because casting out negative energy and balancing it with positive works. Having a faith works! Trust me there’s 4000 religions pick one, pray to GOD, I give it all to GOD everyday, because GOD Made earth our Church, and gave us all a soul. And FreeWill. To either Enjoy stuff, or overconsumption of it. For me even taking as prescribed took my down the rabbit hole. But one step at a time I climbed out of the ashes. Into a world that’s brighter, a world that motivates me, and kids that I have to show Dad is just doing his best. Much love and respect to each of the moms of my children. I fully sent it online because it’s always been a place I can say #LoveIsTheAnswer the most #PowerfulForce because there will always be Good and Evil. Good Decisions & Bad. But we can always try harder. I’m just expressing myself, and it helps writing about it. I do love, I do forgive, and I trust GODs Plan Amen … everyday I hustle I create because one day my soul will leave, and this pile of flesh will rest in peace. But till then it’s all about doing what I can for myself, and then those who believe in me. Love “You All” I say “Ya’ll” because I grew up in Georgia …. And yes sometimes I’m writing about a Woman and write women lmfao my bad I’m not perfect it’s an old IPhone and the screens still cracked hahahaha staying real being honest what it’s all about, it’s what we teach our kids. And how as adults we should live our lives.

nevergiveup #DadLife #TrueStory

#love #military #energy #people #veteran


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