Fake Accounts & CatFish

Truth Be Told! Fear No Man! Or Weapon Of Evil formed against you! In GOD I TRUST

Too soon for jokes? Not a Joke BTW!
Fake Phone Number the real ones a awesome singe

It took me even longer on this one but @caitlynnecurtis_ that’s not your phone number! And definitely a Fake account!!! Not saying you did it but you and @therealtiffanyhart got some fake accounts being made! Sad when people can’t even be famous these days! Hard work should pay off! You know the term #fakeittillyoumakeit doesn’t mean create an account and scam money from people right! These women work hard to create the account they have! #realaccountsonly #realsocialmedia ONLY! #dmr #surfmam374 if anyone finds a fake account of me ya better post it and tag it! Not only are you promoting me or others but your raising awareness on Fake shit! not genuine; counterfeit. a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham. The real one great singer and the other one fake! The real one military the other one fake! Me! I’m real tired of fakes even if it means posting pictures of fakes I will! And phone numbers have been recorded as proof they were faking! Don’t be faking! Be Real

Sometimes they are real sometimes they are fake! Trust But Verify

Me – You should never create fake social media pages! I can’t stand fakers I will actually go out of my way to see if I can catch them! Usually can but sometimes takes a few days! #cybersecurity #cybermonday caught me a fake account actually two lmfao #huntingseason is fun #fakeaccountpermits are free btw just takes time to set the #Trap lmfao lmfao 🤣 I served in military too lmfao 😂 I respect my fellow veterans and active duty! As well as singers actual real humans is my point! #CatFishseason lmfao #SaltwaterCatfish #CatFishGetHuge lmfao 🤣 got to use two@hands with the real big ones lmfao 🤣 because they get real wet lmfao 🤣 sounds dirty well cyber security is dirty! But real! That accounts fake! Not your real account I love catching fakers lmfao I served 20 yrs in military! I can’t stand fakers the real one still serving her country! 🇺🇸⚖️🏴‍☠️ #stopfakeaccounts #fakerssuck @dmramsey founder of @dmramsey @rigsreefclassicspearfishing only on IG! #fakephonenumber #igotyour6 #igy6

Fake Social Media Account! And Phone Number!
I got arrested and I was trying to get help because real shit happened to me!

Thank God For Real life because the internet is full of fake ass shit! And social media fake pages! I’m know I’m real! #dmr

Real TikTok

But some of this ain’t lmfao even have fake phone numbers lmfao 🤣 #fakeittillyoumakeit no not me but they are! And yes for the record that’s my only TikTok Account unfortunately lost my rigsreefclassicspearfishing and DMRamsey and GatorGripp accounts on TikTok! And lost GatorGripp on IG why? Who knows probably more fakers!!!! #fakenews #fakefriends #fakelove #fakeworld #FakePeople SUCK! Real Love Real Humans Real Information ROCKS! Trust me cost me my #CoOwnerLife for Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, yep they stole all the money we spent building the racks! And cost me my tournament rigsreefclassicspearfishing, and my hobby SaltySoulTaxidermy!!! Probably stressed me out so bad cost me my marriage UGH! Not probably it really fucked me up dealing with people accusing me of working for cartel! Really! Or building bombs and weapons manufacturing really! Or hurting my wife! NOPE! I’m sober by the way! ain’t used pills in 3.5yrs, no cannabis 2+ yrs, no alcohol 14+ months no hemp since March 2022! No Kratum CBD or 8Drug Panel! ETG, Spice or K2 just water and salads lmfao! And a lot of stress management! Ugh 😑 freedom ain’t free ya wonder why I called for help? Because I got ducked over BIGTIME! Then got arrested 04/13/22 for literally trying to get help! Nope wasn’t part of capitol riots either! I served from 1998-2018 and do the best I can for my kids! And respect their moms!

My life is true story
I got that because I did my job! 1998-2018
My real Twitter page!
My channels are real! My only YouTube

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