All I know is….

I love my kids, but lost everything! One day there will be no more wars, and we will all live in harmony! “Peace be with you all” 🫶

Dad Loves you guys! Sorry my life cost me everything! ❤️⚖️‼️
Sucks when all I did was my best! But lost it all!

Learn to Love, Learn to forgive! Learn to speak freely, but respectfully… do your best! Ya get what ya get! Be careful what you ask for in life! Remember honor the laws! All of them! Because what comes around goes around! Do I wish you all the best? YEP always have always will! Do I love you all? Yep! Always have, always will! If anything I would love to see my kids moms taken care of! My previous works made whole! My old partners profit! But I also should be able to enjoy my life! Not worry about the bills! Not worry about the future! I should also be loved! Be respected, be appreciated! Because ℹ believe in forgiveness and enjoying your best life! Because I just want to enjoy mine! With someone who loves me as much as I love her 😍! Best wishes y’all truly I also would love my guns, all my stuff I’ve earned! Because I like to shoot! I like to make my own sausage! I’m a Hunter, a Gatherer! A Man! A Human! I believe in taking what you need, sharing what you don’t! And providing for my family, and friends! DMRAMSEY ‼️

Love will always be the answer! No matter what! Live in Balance ⚖️ forgiveness! There will always be Order & Chaos! Suffering & Salvation’s… praise in public 🫶 here’s to living in CorpusChristi Texas on Oso Bay

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