No happy holidays

I believe in GOD! “no hate or discontent just speaking the truth!” Amen LOVE is the Answer

@FBI lmfao #FLEOJokes #dmr

Ain’t been home in like 24 years lmfao

Saved 100’s of 1000’s of men, women, and children just to have my life destroyed between 2018-2022 from American Hero to Zero

DavidMRamsey Surfman374 DMR
True Story

Be the first time in my whole life I’m not eating thanksgiving with Shipmates, Family, or Friends. Hell I’m not even eating thanksgiving lmfao not to mention my birthday, christmas, new years no kids.

Sad 😞 nothing like being alone let me tell ya! I love GOD definitely want a loving family and better friends that actually show up for me for once that’s for sure I want people who don’t take a company from me, ruin my dreams of taxidermy, hunting, fishing, enjoying the outdoors. Accuse me of capital riots, using my favorite boat to run dope or people for cartel. Or Baker act me twice! Just so I can be further humiliated. I’m sober! I served my country 20 years! I love my kids and exwife.I loved each of my kids moms. Did the best I could with what little money I made in life. Sad story true story.

American Hero to Zero #Surfman374 #DMR #SaltySoul #saltysoulspearfishingteam #SaltySoulPanga #saltysoultaxidermy heck I wrote a fantasy book for my kids #theditchwitchhuntclub #theditchwitchhunt about a epic battle between Good & Evil. #GatorGripp #GatorGrippHD PullSetGrip was once ProDraw a promise I made to a Husband and Wife! A man then came in and destroyed it all! Thanks Tom! I gave Brian and Miki my word guess that was ruined as well! So much for the Great Outdoor Industry thanks Swamp People for having my Six! Outdoor Channel Pursuit Channel Sportsman Channel ArcheryTradeShow 2020!

Square Up this story is real!

That journey was a dream come true till it was stolen from me! USPatent Trademark? My name is still on it! Who protected that? No one! Now thanks to VETCourt I Atleast get to clear my name and January 8 2024 get all my guns back. Sad #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #afrasgoldmedal
Family? What’s that even mean? Love? Is it a joke? My souls asking….

Love ain’t real 13,001 post later I lost it all thanks #dmr 100’s of 1000’s of lives saved and they all took from me! Accused me! Raided by game wardens! Twice the Corpus Christi police messed with me! They even apologized for use of force and no cuff keys! But has anyone else? NOPE! All because #HempGuideToHealthyEating HEMP no THC! Trust me Anxiety Depression Insomnia PTSD central Nervous system disorder 3 attempts at suicide HELL is Life

Literally 😂You got that right!!!😂😂🤣🤣💯🎯‼️ I definitely don’t pretend lmfao I say it how it is!

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